Well, this is a weird weather alert for the Canary Isles

Evening all, I’ve just got home to find this weather alert on my screen. I didnt think we were due an eclipse until later in the year.

I’ve checked up on that and I’m right.

Does any of you get any weird TV warnings at all? I’ve heard of some strange ones in the past. The United States has had a few this past several years, Such as Marshal law or nuclear attack, I vaguely remeber reading about one, the way it was worded sounded like something you’d see on the tv screen of a George Romero movie

Here we get a sudden loss of tv signal in the UK. The weather is nice out so you would thinkwhy the loss of signal. Its a bummer when it happens while just about at the best bitof a programme :rofl: but its not has bad in inclement weather such has heavy down pours or even big storms. I think normally its down to i interference caused by the suns rays and the magnetic fields and effects caused by it. This maybe a reason for a channel saying it has to recync its system. Just a thought and hope this is of help to you.


:thinking:Interesting timing. When is that emergency DOJ live press conference again?

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