Well this is strange... or not

It’s not about health, but the removal of it…
To quote a dtv patron: “Healthy people don’t get sick!”

Is the vaccine doing what it was intended to do? :thinking:


Have They Been Vaccinating

Them There?

Yeh…They Starting to Drop

In A Couple Months…

It’ll Be Very Interesting



And This


I’m trying not to use the word vaccinate, as this is not that. It is not medicine, either.
It is genetic modification of the recipients dna.
Too many who have lots of letters behind their names are speaking up and verifying this is exactly what is going on.
Some recipients have immediate reaction, some a little more delayed and I’m sure even more it will be months and years before they have reactions.
My sister works with elderly and she said they are all chomping at the bit to get the jab. But all they do is sit in front of the boob tube all day anyway, so is it any wonder?


It is if the intention is to off the public

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And it is.
I personally hope I never end up in a care home watching the tv all day.


Sad Just Sad

Most likely as all the rest. Everyone person dying is linked to the virus somehow. If it was killing in the numbers they say I believe by now I would at least know someone that died or knew someone by a realiable proxy or relation??

The elderly home said my mother had it. She is 86, has had strokes, has demenia, high blood pressure and heart problems. She never knew she had anything and I do not believe she ever had it in the first place. But if her time had come, which it could suddenly any day now it would have been a covid case to the satanic governor of NC.

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Positive thoughts for your mum comin your way.
■■■. …3R

Thank you Rob. Let them block your signature with blocks all they want but to us you will always be ■■■ to us. Err I mean R r R

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