Well ya asked for it… a Republican pedophile!

A never Trumper associated with Bush and McCain. It don’t get any worse as far as Republitards go!

How severely infested with pedophiles is the American establishment?


Doesn’t make being a pedo “normal” just because he’s a republican.

Doesn’t matter what team their on, still an ABSOLUTE POS that should be dealt with accordingly.


We had quite a few pro-establishment left oriented members project onto Trump supporters that they would not cry foul over a Republican pedophile, one “republican” too if memory serves me right. Well here we have one and I’m saying this guy and those like him are absolute filth and in no way should our society tolerate pedophelia on any level.

If we care to remember that Israel is running pedo black mail operations such as Epstein entrapping most if not all movers and shakers in the American and global establishment, a very sinister picture starts to emerge. Work into that the mind control operations and the true level of darkness and wickedness in our society comes into view.

Think about it, all of our good old boy stand up guys, pillars of the community, CEOs, bankers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, college professors, chiefs of police, mayors, governors, senators, PRESIDENTS most likely know the full scope of the horror and many if not most are involved.

What a way to end an empire…
Why did your country collapse? Well most of our leadership and elites were involved in pedophelia, mind control, organ harvesting and slavery all while hypocritically championing human rights across the globe.

RINO’s aren’t conservatives nor republicans… they’re just cabalist with a different name.


Ok log cabin Republicans are not Republicans

I am not a republican for 10 years now but the homorepublican agenda is a scam

Bush and McCain doesn’t say much. Those guys weren’t just traitors to the nation (and humanity…) they were and are in league with the Satan.


You don’t have to be sane or moral in any way to be a member or supporter of anyone in DC all they want is your money,

Just look up how many government officials are “married” to horses and have admitted to sexual relations with them.(regardless of political party that is sickness of the highest level)

Pedophilia is extremely common in the political world even one of the princes of England was caught. Joe Bidden can’t keep his hands of children during photo “opportunities” if you notice they are keeping him away from the public physically.

corrupt and evil people flock together just like cockroaches eating together and scattering when the light is turned on.

when the TRUE light of the world brings attention to their crimes they all scatter and try to blame everyone else of their crimes.

The Democrat party has always had the same playbook since around 1950
#1 create problems to “fix” to gain public support so you can “be the hero” that “solved” the problem
#2 commit crimes with wild abandon but do everything you can to connect them to your political enemies
#3 accuse others of your crimes even before anyone knows about them so you can pretend to be shocked at how “morally reprehensible” the political enemy is for your…er…his crimes.
#4 money is good so anything is justified and taxpayer money is unguarded so “help yourself” and having massive amounts of money from large industries or other countries “given” to you is not “corruption” it’s a “perk” of being politically connected…

anyone that “picks a party” without actually looking at each issue as an individual problem with a unique solution is an IDIOT.

NEITHER SIDE ACTUALLY CARES about anything but their side “winning” like people playing a sport, it’s a game to them 80% of politicians are not there to “serve the people” they are there to “serve themselves”…and if somone wants to give them millions of dollars in “campeign funds” with the “understanding” they will not support this bill or that law they are all for it…or…against it…whatever they are getting paid for…

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I don’t remember asking for this.

The Democrat / Liberal shills have been demanding everyone that critisizes the Democrat party show them or list for them “just one Republican” that…this…that…and the …other

to prove they are not just bias against the Democrats because they have too much of an ego problem to even consider they would be wrong or they are too brainwashed by mainstream news and social media to consider a negative thought about the Democrats or Liberal ANYTHING.

There are going to be a lot more of them exposed from both parties in the days ahead. I heard the arrests could be close to 200,000. Mayors, governors, former presidents, police chiefs, judges.

GOP or DNC never meant difference, which is why I never voted until Trump asked for my vote. Pedo blackmail is how most of D.C. got owned. Saving a couple Senators and a few House Rep.s I say burn it all down, and THIS time pay attention to who you vote for; see how Loffler appreciated our support?! R, D, means squat now…

So true am sick of royalty making millions of us sick of all that shit in america what the fu@ is going on why cant we all live in piece its a joke oh and incase u think am hiding kenny from glasgow scotland

People on the right are different than the hypocrites on the left. We police our own. They eat their own, but only for straying from party dogma. They do not hold their own accountable when they are out of line for things which don’t affect the party.

Political persuasion should have nothing to do with scum going to prison!

Unfortunately, the infestation is worldwide.