What alcohol do you drink DTV?


Bonus points for DTV’vers drinking right now on zis retardeed board

:beers: :beers:


allmost zero :joy: cant enjoy anything else anymore though. developed a strange breathing disorder and cant enjoy weed anymore. disgusting

lol wuut?!?

iM On my 11th german beer now

du LAPPEN Juunge


Mostly Beer…going out bacardi/whatever.

I only drink weekends(fri/sat) or party s…workdays i rather smoke a joint(after work :wink:)



drinkin heavy only on fridays

weed and other shiat

kinda keeps me alive, like a lighthouse

in a sea full
of shit
(corona related)



Alcohol is worse then any drug if I were not here my wife would drink her self to death I love her with all.my heart an soul I have saved her from death so many times I think it should be out lawed


When I drink, usually at poker games, Colorado microbrews, or this bad boy:


I like pina coladas, Malibu, vodka, home made shine, apple pie, home made counter top wine. Currently making grape ice wine and dandelion. I don’t drink much, 1-2 per month. Unless I have a bottle of baileys or homemade version, ( nock of version is better) mixed with hot water. I mostly make wine for guests.

I really like Amaretto for some reason… I also like champagne. However, if neither of those, Bud Light Cheladas or just regular Bud Light. :beers:

Many shots of blackhaus with truely backs so i dont feel as guilty :grimacing:

I’m kinda addicted to these, well it’s getting close to being addicted, one more lockdown and it might actually happen 🤷


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@ReturnofTruthdefendR nice one you have there, don’t think I’ll be able to find it here. When I play poker :joy:


No alcohol, I am an ENERGY VAMPIRE, and I drink your psychic and spiritual energy. And the buzz I get varies depending on who you are and where you are at.

Nom nomz.


try inhaling 3% peroxide in a nasal mist bottle, or research it first.

It can be bought only in Alberta an British Columbia.
Best of the best and rare.

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They tried that once, open a history book and see how it turned out!
I say outlaw people who cannot regulate themselves. Id imagine you are anti gun as well?

Heh, Chumps keeps drinking it.

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Oh you know me…

Here’s a clue it starts with a Shhh and ends with a Yay!

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Who wants to be my remote co-host for remote night ly news start n now