What are you really going to do?

Most of us on here knows what’s coming and has been saying it all along.

We know what the next step is, we just don’t fully know how they’re going to go about it yet.

One person posted on this topic a little while ago, and no one really gave a sincere answer, so I figured I’d take another swing…

The narrative across the board is “you won’t be FORCED to take the vaccine.” But what happens when you are required by the businesses you shop at to show proof that you are not a liability?

Will they spin it so that vaccination is not mandatory, but proving you’ve gotten the shot is?

I don’t know a single person on here who is financially independent, 100% self sustainable, or who doesn’t have anything personal registered with their state. . .this being said…

What are you going to do next year when your homeowners insurance comes up for renewal and StateFarm requires their customers to be vaccinated in order to do business with them?

Are you going to suddenly leave your job when corporate mandates all their employees be vaccinated? It’s a safety hazzard not to be vaccinated they’ll say. . .

Want to renew your registration? DMV will want proof of vaccination for that.

School already requires kids get their shots, lots of parents will home school to work around it, but what are you to do when your electric company demands proof of vaccination? They’ll say they won’t put their employees at risk to check your meters if you’re not up to parr.

IF it comes down to this, and it could, what will you do?



Well., thank christ for online services for 1… (not intended to be smart…),
and 2., i will not be getting the vaccine, nor will my family. We have discussed this at length
and when you think about it, when all the sheeple are vaccinated., they don`t need to worry
about getting infected, do they??? So i say, let them get it, see what good it does.


The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…?
Nah! F_ck that!
This has nothing to do for the greater good, but has everything to do with the needs of the few.
And we know who those few are.
Society in general is comprised of creatures of comfort. Society has become lazy and complacent. Society just wants their normal lives back and they are willing to do whatever it takes to do this, even if it means compromising individual liberties, ones principles. Or, even more importantly, ones soul.
And those few know this…
I’ve always been antisocial and cannot stand being around the majority of people. I’m told to love my neighbor as I’d love myself. So I do, because I also know I am guided by God and when love is needed by someone it is given freely by me. So I’m ok with that part of it.
However, I also wish to be left alone, but this is becoming more and more of a challenge. Especially because I have two children, one who’s special needs.
I’ll do my best to protect my family, but I feel I am going to die because of this.


My mother used to tell people you can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to. She was a strict Italian woman and I miss her dearly.

Good luck!

That answer will remain to be seen as to who gets in office. I am sure if democrats are in control the vaccine will be mandatory and I suspect that if a person refuses it the penalty will worse than what you are thining. I see seperation and segregation from the rest of society, maybe imprisonment.

Much prayer will be needed during this time. It all depends on the constraints of what else is contingent on the shot.
To be fair I know that some of the hidden dangers some are worried about in the shot are already possible without a vaccine


Look around at the masks and the scared sheep wearing them everywhere they go. If they will do that I have to believe they will get a shot. Not only for comfort of life but also because they are scared senseless and they believe everything they see on that lie box on the wall. If the news says get a shot they will line up and get a shot…we know this

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How about you NWADSM, what will you do.

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I’ll do my best to protect my family, but I feel I am going to die because of this.

I feel the same way.

My kid blatantly with a wide doe stare looked me in the eyes the other day and said “we’re gana die either way, so what’s it matter?” Kids these days don’t look at things the same as older generations. Things move to fast, and with electronics upgraded every six months I think it desensitized their ability to appreciate anything, so I can see some us die hards putting up a fight while the kiddos stand there waiting to see what happens next.

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That’s not true. I’m just gana keep being me and roll with it.

I’m not saying I’m for whats going on, because I’m not at all, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t say they got us all by the balls.


I wil share my plan. I have been, am now and will be praying about it. I am asking God to show me the way to go and at that time I have to decide I am going to have faith He will point me in the right direction.

What I am finding strange is that off this site and out in the physical world no one is even talking about this. Just like the election controversy no one seems to be aware of it. Sometimes I think we are better off not knowing…just a passing thought


You and I have the same plan.

My God is what I refer to as the universe, and for all I know they could be one and the same, but I put up feelers about the whole thing out there and left it at that.

I’ve been asking people about Thanksgiving personally. Seems like no one is doing anything and one couple said “well they’re saying not to.” (They’re in their 70’s at least)

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I support their decision on that. We are having ours with family as usual. They are not taking my life from me unless they take it literally.


Ive been defining my line in the sand and preparing to die for my truth.


i was hoping to ask you on a date too

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And you’re cute cowgurl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes right N , I have asked the same question here and got quick no’s , no way can they make me do that ! … but the truth is we will have no say , especially those of us working in healthcare along w the seniors … we will be the first to be poked and let me tell you I am a total anti vaxer , I’ve read it attacks our dna , forever changing it , weakening it also breaks down our immune systems leaving us succeptible to fk knows what . I work in healthcare and will be , along w the seniors the first to get it otherwise I will not be able to keep my job . They are holding us against the wall , we will have NO choice . In the states the military is giving it out and if they refuse they will be held and forced to take it , they like us have NO rights anymore . I have never been sick except for the usual garden variety chix pox , whopping cough … other wise very healthy . I hear now that possibly the chip is in the vax … I mean wtf ?? :rage:

:pray: :beers:


No vax here or for fam .
Cant buy food or work.
After resorsas run outt we’ll be gone in 10 days :pray: :rainbow::innocent:

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Why at this time ? If prayer actually worked jesus could have wiped out the virus months ago and cut out the wicked middlemen .

Obviously whoever did in fact die from the virus must have been a downright evil heathen that deserved it.