What are you really going to do?

Free will, is what made us stupid


The way it will be forced on frontline workers,
will be a defining moment in what will soon be history


Military will not be held down and forced. They might get a less than honorable discharge though, possible court martial?

Im gonna have to disagree with ya on that one Danny

I think, if it will be “forced”, as in hold ya down and one prick giving ya the prick in the arm,
It will happen to the soldiers as well

I do hope i am incorrect tho :+1:t2:

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I hope we’re both incorrect.

Something is going to give tho, and I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

                        "FIGHT!" FOR MY WAY OF LIFE. (period).
"AND NO JOKE EITHER!" ... :beers:

I think refusing it will give them a reason to do exactly what they want to do. They would prefer to remove from society really quick than wait for a shot to take a long time to kil you. Bill Gates and Fauci want people removed ASAP.
One thing is certain. if they hold you down and force you then it definately is not the Mark That will be a free choice offer there, but with the same consequences.

I hope before I go I get my revenge for the quatch block.


dan its a pity there arent any hit men workin for free … as there is two jobs right there for them, what a favour they would be doing the world … :beers:

There are plenty. Let them tease the hornet nest a little longer. A man who has lost everything and has nothing left worth living for will do drastic things…but liberals are not smart enough to see it.

I think he is just coiling back, to get some more power into his BITE!!! ... :beers:
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Military will be doing the vax’s , no one will have the right to say no . Here D take a look here .


Sssoo pretty !

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Mermaid I know of one truth he told, but 2 lies. There is nothing in the Constitution that constitutes mandatory masking. This man is speaking on a tyrants throne. As far as businesses being opened that is a temporary thing.

Did you know he is one of Epsteins most often customers and this man is running scared now and it cowing to anything the liberals tell him.
Keep in mind that all enforcement is on a local level. Also if you study the Bill of Rights and its doctrine of incorporation it explicity says that no state shall pass any law or commit any act that violates the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. This was used as a means to overturn the state of Utah when they tried to establish that the Mormon Church was the official religion of Utah because the Constitution says that no religion can be prohibited or can be forcibly established by the government.
In my opinion over the years Dershowitz has just been a moiuthpiece for liberal government over riding the Constitution.


:sunglasses::alien::muscle: stay positive

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There is no vaccine check for getting money online. Get on that YouTube, tiktok, only fans, whatever it takes. Talk about anything. If you just talk alien stuff and conspiracy , I’m a subscriber lol :sunglasses: :alien:

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Yes right , I read about this guy n he is a snake in the pit of slime associated w Abrema Abromovich , the spirit cooking witch who tortures children w HRC … as far as the rights for the American ppl or anyone in general they are slipping thru our fingers a little at a time till we will have none left . This vax will be the straw so to speak that is going to shift us into the NWO and it looks like there will not be a thing we can do about that . Most of us dance around the issue of getting poked not really wanting to come out n say it , making it real you know . It gives me a feeling of real dread whats coming , what are the choices ?


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I doubt seriously you are wrong, but it remains to be seen. I do not find anything you said being unbelievable.

The best advice I can give is to enjoy the moment. Spend time with loved one over this Holiday. Make a mental note to stop very often and find something you like and or thankful for. What these evil demonic people do not deserve is to deprive you of your happiness and joy from the good things in your life. Their day will come trust me…here or there it will come.

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Still amazes me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, that a virus has been politicized. The same people that stood on train platforms in the 1920’s west vowing to shoot anyone who steps off a train coming from the east would probably be the same people who today would say it’s a fake virus. Don’t for a second believe China isn’t taking notice and will continue to laugh when the next virus is released.

Very nice sentiment ruined by nonsense at the end. Happy Thanksgiving Danny.

You will receive justice do and it will not be at the hands of mankind. Your judgement will be ultimate and final by the one who sees all that we do and think.
So blabber your BS because you are talking to the wrong one. Its not me that shall hold you accountable.
If you think I care how you feel about God or judgement you have it all wrong , like most of what you vomit out on the forum