What brought you here to DTV? Does anyone remember?

I joined DTV in 2008 when there was a conspiracy theory about Obama and his birth certificate, which led me here! Does anyone else remember how they found this page? :laughing:


i was shown this site by someone on privat . we were all into ufo conspiracy mainly. that was hhe reason


There was a cluster of web site shut downs and disclose ended up in that category for one reason or another. That put me on the hunt


The gubernment sent me here.


I’d like to know how we can change our username on here.


Why didn’t that work?


How did you do that?

The ladies brought me here. Its a treasure trove of hotties here at DTV


Oh hay mate that was uncalled for


I was researching Tengri 137 and somehow ended up here.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

The year was 2010…

The clock had just struck 2AM and I had just finished what I thought would be my last joint before bed when I saw a program on TV about the JFK assassination…somehow 3AM came out of nowhere. When it was over I had to know more.

I set fourth on the internet to find a website with intelligent folks that had factual information and could tell me more about this as well many other important secrets of life.

I couldn’t find that so I settled on DTV and you guys and now the rest is history. :laughing:


Fck yeah Thelzer looks damn good for a youngin!

A request through @Lukas

Seriously mr.nice, as a mod how does one change one’s username?

Hahaha…ooops…GMTA :beers:

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No seriously.

I had to do it as well.

Only way I know of.

It was also around 2008 for me. It was literally the only place to openly debate sensitive subjects. And for the most part, still is. I post mostly to archive articles and papers that I deem important… But the debates back then kept me coming back. We did not all agree, but it was certainly not as polarized as it is now.

Facts could outdo feelings.


I came here when the site was a video platform like youtube (with forum). I loved the format.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs::kissing_heart:…dont fight it

sisters meet GIF

These them girls you talkin bout? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


get a couple drinks in me and i cant guarantee anything.

I was on here in 1994 but nobody was here yet.