What does the bible tell us about demons?

What do we know about these entities that exist outside our realm of perception?

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You just cant fathom what these enitites are until you have experienced them somehow, then your mind changes from utter disbelief and years of being told nothing exists but science and all its theoretical lies/answers but that doesnt explain even half of our supranatural reality at all.
if anyhting it hides and occludes us from truth about our past and the part these evil beings played or are playing in bringing down humanity to there filthy degraded “progressive”
Godless level of iniquities.

These beings are not going to save us, they want to destroy us, enslave us again,
and rule over the world like its there own, but it wasnt promised to them,
and the time is coming when ultimate justice once and for all will be done on earth
and real ever lasting peace will reign with God and Jesus in control again down here not just from up there,
puny little men and there safety of science to solve all human kinds problems is going to fail miserably and all those what put there faith in humanity and science will be bitterly disappointed when the appointed times come and they are shewn to be what they truly are,
pathetic God Jesus hating criminals doing what thou wilt until they know there times up,
better get it right now peeps times running out for true repentance to our creator and father in heaven and the son of man our only pathway out of this evil matrix being constructed all round us daily.

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