What happened to her?

After watching the video https://youtu.be/WG9b0RDDEhs?list=LL&t=79

was interested in the moment at 1:19 cm screenshot, that with her she disconnected or lost control over the body?


I like that you posted this cause spacing out has been on my noggin recently.

What exactly does it mean to space out/ zone out?
What are we zoning out of?

I’ll be doing something, then allofasudden I’m not focused on anything, I become consciously aware that I’m not doing anything, not blinking, not really moving, not even thinking anything other than ‘zone out, don’t get stuck’…‘zone out’…when I force it, to zone out of this trance, it reals me back in until it phases out by itself …



She looks like a hand is missing . ?

She’s reading a teleprompter or answer card offscreen it’s common in Asia (and the rest of the world for that matter) to refuse to wear glasses or mess with contacts because of the stigma

It’s not rare or even considered a bad thing in the entertainment industry to have a telepromter for “unexpected” things that happen or “scripted candid” moments especially in so-called “reality” tv or with famous people.

Their image is quite literally their “financial value” for promotion of products and influence of public opinion.

(There is also the very real possibility she’s just a pretty face without a brain and needs detailed instructions for making ramen noodles and somone in the room to make sure she does not set the kitchen on fire)

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I believe they are absence seizures…
They’re real and more common than thought.

What ? Can I get more details?

Thanks :blush:

Doppy Doc Sleepy Grumpy Angry Bashful aaannnnnd…I forget the seventh character :confused:

It was called Day Dreaming when I was a lad.

Just google it. My daughter has them, though rarely, but still, they can last anywhere from seconds to minutes. Usually they’re subtle; hard to notice, but sometimes they can be full blown zombie like.

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thanks !! I’m going to read

She’s a clone and had a technical glitch. Come on, we’ve seen them on American tv. Eminem, News readers, sports commentators, Lady Gaga. et al. The clones have programmed chips in their brain. Sometimes it hiccups then restarts. My fav was Eminem.

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Never seen the eminem one have you got any links i can use to find it please

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this is my thoughts on this one too. clone.

mtv music awards, i remember him with his army of clones for his performance, back in like 2000 I think. There’s all kinds of video comparative analysis on this clone phenomenon with celebs. Not really a new thing, madonna has at least 3… she even has said as much. The 3 faces of Madonna was some recent strange piece she published to her instagram or something. Very odd things going on. Clarity on all this is found best in hindu scriptures involving the nagas, serpent beings that could ensnare the senses of humankind. They used to rule us according to hindu legends.