What Happens When Good Black People Get Tired of BLM

Here we have a man being harassed by two young activists (decided to use a clean neutral word there). This man that comes on the scene has had enough of the chin music and jaw jabber.
The rest of the scene unfolds quickly and decidedly
Enjoy and watch as many times as you like.


Wow a picture perfect choke slam. And everyone says wrestling is fake…

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Lol…that’s how I handle men who get outa line at the bars


WWF is fake but that was not fake, there was no springy floor or flexible rope. He slammed that empty coconut into that counter and slammed him on that concrete floor. There is no faking that one.

I bet next time he wont be strutting around and slapping those lips together so quickly. That is an obvious case of a spoiled punk who got what he had coming the first time in his life.


Be sure to take notice of his big mouth pal that was up there edging him on and taunting. What is the first thing he did??? He ran like the coward that he is … He would have gotten slammed too but he was probably 3 blocks away when his partner hit the floor. I bet he is telling people now how the big man was scared to come after him but got his partner.


I don’t know how you find this stuff… I had to watch it 10 times… It was worth it every time… :smile:
Someone in the background asking a dead man, “Bro, you alright? :smile:”… I don’t think he was alright…

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There will no longer be racism and police brutality of black people.
Quiet simple really.

Advocate violence for advocating against violence yeah the dipshill meter checks and is strong in you old padowan.

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Can you put that in English and I will respond?

Blm is doing nothing for black folks except making them look really bad and causing them very much harm,
its not helping black cause at akll,
its doing untold damage,
because thats what the subversive radical marxists have designed it to do for blacks,
they dont give a shyt about black folks.

Its a huge ideological lie designed to create more hate and chaos,
not fairness and race equality at all.

Radical leftist ideology is very dangerous to all of society black and white,
this fact can be observed by all on a daily basis.


Exactly. They fill them with hate. Then they do bad things to innocent people and that gets them hated in return.

Their slogan “their silence is their violence” was not even thought of by them. It was handed down through handlers to them and they pounce on it like a chicken on a kernel of corn.

Unfortunately most of the people of the earth will be euthanized . Black white everyone between.

A small unrebelious group who don’t preditorize others will survive but the thugs will be a lost crop.

The older I get the more I see humanity as a crop God raises.
And God dosen’t allow one animal to attack other animals . It’s the rule of the farm.

As long as jesuits, freemasons and Zionist oppress others there will be conflict . What is unfair is they never seem to die in the war they start

I am not sure what you mean by euthanized. In the classic sense of the word I agree. Many will be put to death for not swearing allegiance to the AntiChrist. Many will refuse the mark and die by whatever manner, starvation, sicknes, exposure etc.

During that time those that follow the side of evil will not remain unscathed As the vials and trumpets are released many will die in natural disasters, diseases, famine. dehydration. Many will die because of war and murder. Things will be so bad that people will pray for death.

As you and I know this has been predicted for over 2000 years. What is so amazing and testifies to the dark nature of mankind is that as those thing take place exactly as they are predicted man will still deny the truth and follow on his own way.

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Using violence makes you the loser.

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The wroth of God’s euthanization

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Tu Sabe!!!

Not using violence gets you killed


Sometimes violence is the only language some people understand. I can guarantee that punk will think twice about running his mouth off like that again.

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(stupid post regulations wouldn’t let me post just that, so here’s your filler…)

I don’t live in the USA, maybe that’s the difference. Here you normally don’t get killed for a few cents, by just being at school, by visiting a wrong neighbourhood or after the police stops you.