What If This Is Your Last Holiday Season?

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Are Around The Corner

Are You Going To Celebrate

Or Cower in Fear, Alone

What If This Is The Last
One You Will Have?




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Personally I never cared for holiday season. Just another part of the conditioning.
Each holiday is symbolic at best, people are just glad that maybe they get a couple of days off paid.
A question: Where has it gotten us?


The ole’ cv19 won’t enter my mind while making my decision.

We’ll be hiding and not visiting because that’s what we actually like. We see family all the other times. Why leave and travel on busy roads when we got such great hiking, skating and other crap to do.


I Agree On That Point…

This is a More Bigger Pic

All The Current Fear Porn
And Manipulation By Tptb

And How The Herd
Is Just Going Along…


I Already Stay On My Mt.

Gots Grands Living Here



I’m going to have a bottle of Baileys on my birthday, three days after I’m going to have another bottle of Bailey on Christmas day. I have no plans over the christmas holidays but it will be the 1st time in years that I havent worked over Christams. Either way it will be the last.


Totally brainwashed Bren, I refuse to wear a musk because of my COPD and you should see the fear and disbelief in their eyes.
I have a badge which says face mask exempt but you can see they still want to go running, so sad :disappointed:

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I will not be celebrating the holidays… Not because of Covid-19 or any other reasons of projected fears… I remain a lone wolf, as most of my family ties are in Heaven now… My parents are gone… I had no brothers or sisters… Was married once before but long since divorced with no children… I am okay and appreciate more freedoms with far less demands and obligations… I can relate to others who wish to celebrate… I have fond memories of childhood experiences and was always excited for the holiday occasions… If my lifestyle ever changes I may be open to it again… Getting older now and Its just not for me currently…


It’s Really Pathetic…

And Way Too
Easily Accomplished


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I Hear You
And Get It

It’s Such a Shame
How Many
Who Would Normally
Do The Family Thing


And Not Because
They Realize The Holidays
Themselves are a Sham

But Because The TV Told Them


Snuggle with the Mrs and Cats

Have a turkey dinner
Watch Avengers Endgame


So Business as Usual😽

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Meow :tumbler_glass: :smiley_cat: meow

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Come hell or high water I will be spending time with family and friends the same way we always do and I dare anyone to try and stop me.


You do not have to be alone. There are groups and functions for people that are that way. A feel good thing is to go to a homeless kitchen and volunteer. That is if you are able. I know that I get more satisfaction doing things for others when I can. Its like giving back to what I have been blessed with in life.