What is a ufo? What is the deep state , what are pedo satinists

T here was a man named John Todd

He had alot to say about ufo"s ,spiritual possession, conspiracies

It’s up to you to think what you like

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Four hours!!?? I’m on break. Will check out later :+1:

People like me have to listen again and again

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I’m gonna save this for my next long drive.

If you can download it pass the link

John Todd was a real pioneer that was talkingabout things waybefore itbecame a “thing” or conspiracy clique.
Like most of what we know about the nwo
satanism the pedo connection and ww conspiracy it was CHRISTIANS who pioneered the way.
Those horrible xristians exposing this very evil plan for world domination.
I know whose side im on.

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