What is Granted 6d

i was looking at my veteran and under my name it has Granted 6d what dous that mean

The “veterans” badge has been applied to all former members that have been invited by email.

Granted 6d = Granted 6 days ago.

I was veteran using dtv tillast day but glitched made it where I started new account. ROBEMALLDAY is now @kcufo1969…can I be a veteran status now since I wasbe4 and it was a glitch I’m unable to do as much as I used to n in learning little slower n finding I csnt do stuff because of badge. You invited me I just had to change email &name . I’m so happy for your efforts.i would love my vet badge. I’m stil Robemallday I just had aglitch n was invited know am @kcufo1969. Truly here for long haul. Years n time to step up. No doubt. Much appreciations…

You’ve got the veteran’s badge already. Look on your profile page.

Sorry.i apologize and am going to only help from now on. Lol. Thanks guys. I’m at my home n feeling great

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