What is it?

Now what is most interesting is, i have video of the same type, from my back yard looking west,
Moved at almost the same speed
Gave off the same type “tail”

Was not a plane, as i always look out my window to the west, and have never seen anything like it before and even after,
I showed a few the video at work, a few of them, claim to have seen it as well, and the first thing out of their mouths was,
What was that??

Sooooooo, that tells me that it wasnt a plane.

Could it have been?
But why would they ask that question if it was a plane?
If i can figure out how to post a pic off my device, i will put them on

Here are the pics


Shit…my drone!!!

Space junk?


Just read a report laast night mentioning that we should expect a small collision of some space juno sooo… Highly probable to be the case.

Any change of direction? Looks on fire from atmospheric heat.
Thats my op.

Great photo by the way! Good catch! :sunglasses:

The pic is a still shot from August 11 2017 at 9:12pm facing west.

Nothing in the news about them…yes…them

There were 2

As i went outside i took the video, and when i stopped, i looked directly above me is the second one

Wayyyyyy up there,

i thought it was a plane at first, but, but no features other than a split in the contrail behind it, but the zoom doesnt show any wings,
Nor did i see any features before or after taking the vid and pic

I dont know how to upload the video on here so that bites.

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Thanks for sharing! There might be an upload limit for the video but there’s always YouTube and then you can link it here? :smile:

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I shall look into it👍🏻

I think i may have been able to put the video on YTube, but wont know till later on, if i did it right , i will put it on here in the AM

Bit chute is another option.
Date and time is great info.
Will consult my space debris stuff and cross reference.



That would be cool, cause like i said, there was 2 of them, and for the life of me, i dont know why i didnt film them both at the same time to get them in the vid.
I dont know bitchute, and very vaguely know youtube, other than watch lol

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What time zone?

Mountain Standard

It’s a biosphere that the elite go to for vacation. I’m being totally serious

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Im going to have to start going up and down alleys and bottle collect,
I wanna go too, and I’m being serious as well

Ohh! Havent seen you in a bit!
I think they have them too but, you think it went down?
Or just heat plumes?

One maybe, but 2 in the same field of vision going down?

That would have hit MSM would it have not?

But WTF do i know? Lol

Its highly likely you whitnessed a couple of fireballs.
Plasmic discharge couldve also provided the double tail effect you mentioned.

Wonderfull timing!!

Took this yesterday morning. Did eventually dissipate, but seemed odd.

Nice one, :+1:t2:


They were too slow for fireballs

I hope i downloaded the video right , so i can link it in here in the AM,
It says i have to wait till 12:15 am to view it, dunno why, i have only ever uploaded 2 videos on ytube ever before, and ironically enough, was to put them on here 2 yrs ago lol

There was a pair of satelites one from Russia and one from China that were rumored to be in danger of colliding. This could be it

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