What is the scariest shit you've seen on the internet?

Ok, let me begin.


How ignorant people are. That’s the scariest sh!+, because it’s dangerous sh!+!

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Yup, I’d say the scariest stuff I see on the internet, is how quickly supposedly stable and thoughtful people drink down the latest manufactured narrative. When every “news” agency uses the same damn words from the same damn angle at the same damn time, they’re lying to you. Wake up. I would also add that the Dagestan massacre, and the Syrian slaughter house vids left me pretty unnerved for a couple days.


Those old america online chat rooms. Connecting through the phone and listening to that horrible nails on a chalk board connecting noise.

I have seen Dagestan footage. Nasty stuff.

Humans are quite vile creatures.

That is easy. A video of Hitlery and her female lover torturing and skinning an innocent woman.
Or a video sneaked out of China of africans being skinned in a back street chinese butcher shop.
No more I could go on
All from people capturing it live and cops releasing on the deep web.
Nightmares are made of that

I seen a ten year old obama giving bj’s to a room full of old Jewish men.

It scared the F out of me. I shut the onion router and military wiped my machine. And re installed a new version of windows.

I haven’t used a Tor browser since.
It’s true you can’t unsee what you seen on the darkweb

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LMAO best you ever wrote. Funny thing is you could be right and don’t even know it

Danny on the square of hiram’s mother the danite it is true

Sigh…as a kid I used the be scared of the zombies in Zelda (u know the ones that jump on your back and have their way with you). These days I become so desensitized and depressed, I watch the “scariest” videos, both “real life” and movies and barely feel anything. I recently watched all the Saw movies while eating my dinner and a bowl of popcorn, when I could barely watch a few minutes a few years ago. I miss feeling something so much…

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Society is shoving all this stuff down our throats, & I hope down the road we are still disgusted by it all!


This is the very purpose of those movies and why we should not watch them. It is intended to take away your humanity so that you do not feel empathy for others

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Uh that’s disturbing and believable

@Danny_28764 that may be true. But the reason I started watching that stuff is because my worst nightmare in real life happened, even to this day I still have terrible dreams about it. My idea was if Im gonna keep having nightmares, at least I would be based on fictional stuff that I could reassure myself each morning that it’s all just fiction. Sadly, it did not work.

this is some scary stuff here,

Are the aliens hands tied down? and how come it doesn’t blink?

I’ve heard about that video of her. You’ve seen it and it’s really true?

It was removed off the site about 24 hours after it popped up there. Then the entire site was gone in another day. It was not on the regular internet.

It was grainy and blurry. Some police officers, I think 5 of them, saw the video and I am not sure where they are now.

The video from china was not on the net, A missionary shared that with me. I told him no more I do not want to see that stuff, its disturbing.

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I just don’t understand how people can be so evil