What is this thing? Why is it being covered up?

What is this??why are They actively trying to cover this up!? This is a weird one guys… the first video was posted a couple days ago but the second video is an update …at first I didn’t think anything of it except maybe the story about how it was found but when they said it could have been some kind of sculpture placed in the desert by artists. I don’t know why butI thought that was definitely possible and likely to be true but now after seeing this update I don’t think that’s the case. This is very strange apparently the explanation given in the first video turns out to be completely false. After taking to the real local first responders and officers they found out that this was a lie this was not placed there by someone it fell from the sky and their witnesses! They say that it looks like it was under some type of control as it fell and when they go out into the desert to investigate they find this monolith or the structure sticking out of the ground… this is not only strange but very scary if this is what I’m thinking it could be… could this be a tungsten rod a weapon of mass destruction?? If you have seen the first GI Joe remake movie you’ll know what I’m talking about.


There is no proof it fell from the sky.
there would surely be a crater for 1??
It`s more likely it was placed there or pushed up from below.
Is the location near a certain ranch in Utah?

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Id like to know how much a rod of tungsten the size of a phone pole would weigh? Its gotta be heavy AS FEK!

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Looks like some kind of Pylon.

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Here’s the real story…www.gothighwtfido.com

First off, It is man made and you can tell this by seeing the rivets that are spaced evenly on both edges to monolith. Furthermore had it fell from the sky being it is man made. There would have been an impact debris field…not a huge one…but one relative to the size of the monlith.3rd… they are not disclosing the location because it is in a very remote area and people could get themselves in a bind being out there.

It’s not far from area 51 and the nevada proving grounds

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Tungsten rods are man-made

Fourth nobody even bothered to bang it tap it show it upclose put a tape measure to it or put a magnet on it etc etc etc. Even the stupid monkeys in 2001 banged and climbed the freakin thing.
Fifth mankind appears dummer than apes and obviously evolution is actually backwards.


Good eye on the rivets! I think it looks more like panels now. The thing isn’t solid.

@StixNstones, thx for the post, I saw this yesterday in my YouTube news feeds,…
from Unexplained Mysteries. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIczOFxwgv27AlTkZZMj8yw
the video led me to the OE post from 11-21-2020
The report from KSLtv5, also stated that the Monolith’s location is being withheld. Although, The Report interviews the DPS Pilot,
He tells the event in 1st person, & they display the event on Map w/a Toy…
and how the pilot circles the area & lands.
![image|666x340, 50%]image (upload://wBAqRr1aY27XjnhTuPs4oCfW0xP.jpeg) image image image
If somebody wanted to find this “Monolith”, they could go find it…

Good Luck w/that…

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Follow its shadow, like a sun dial


So relieved to see non political thread!!!

The “Rods” are: Rods…

Not rectangular slim boxes.

Didnt come from space either, again rods?
No Scortching… It wouldve burned up.

Keep searching, well figure it out…
It is man made afterall.


Yeah I see em I never heard if it was solid or not the eyewitnesses were saying they saw something coming down from the sky but not falling like it was under some kind of control

When I heard that and the location immediately thought of some kind of weapon testing.

As far as them disclosing the area it wouldn’t matter it’s under military control nobody is allowed for miles around it.

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Think about maybe a needle, shot so fast in to a ballon, if it was solid, no disturbance as far as dirt around the (mis aimed) site…just an idea…would be great if we had that

I think it is man-made would it still be burned up if it was controlled landing? What If it’s not a rod but some kind of flying craft?:man_shrugging:

Only time will tell whether or not it’s a hoax…interesting times! good post :+1: