What will "THEY" do with those smart enough not to take the shot?

Now when those who took the shot start dying off like they want, those who did their research, waited and survived, what will their plan be for us then, put all the smart to work as slaves, they already know certain people who believe or do research wouldnt get the jab, then they took drastic actions with prizes and such if you took it, this is something never before seen in the written history of mankind, we need to get to the bottom of their true agenda.


I think many of us, me included to a certain extent, have been conditioned to behave a certain way. Even if we don’t take the jab, I’m sure we marked in other ways.
For me, it will be doing something completely 180 of what they’d expect of me and what I’d not expect of myself.
I read a book (fictional?) years ago where the main characters, two brothers, used a random number generator to decide every move they made. Tptb could not track them.
Personally, I have used kinesiology and know it works. My own God given intuition will guide me, but ultimately God is in control. :pray:


This won’t stop. “They” will keep moving forward with there reset that will become the Tribulation. They are advancing incrementally. The shot has graphene oxide in it. That’s will enable them to detect a person via 5g.

If you notice Bill Gates submitted a patent 2020060606 that detects a person’s body activity data via 5g and pays the person for the completed work by digital currency.

After everyone or a majority of the worlds population have been injected died and or survived the remaining will accept there mark of certificate of vaccination ID=Identification, 19=AI, Artificial Intelligence (COVID-19).
That final step the “Mark” should warn people that the bible talks of this very time that would happen prior to the return of Christ.


They’ll run and hide if they know what’s good for them…

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We will all die.
But you know what if all this worry and scared and sleepless nights the conspiracy people have does not come to fruition guess what will happen

We will all die at our appointed times.
If your number is up you are clocking out, and if its not up you wont clock out. Dead is dead and does not matter how you get there, still dead. Its not like worrying and fretting is going to make you live forever now is it?




I don’t know what their plan for us is, but I know what my plan for them is.

If we really are going to see a world wide genocide, I will personally hunt every single elite down and kill them.


Im sure u wont be alone.

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Been wondering about this myself. There is alot of avenues to travel down here too. Are they gunna come after us? For what purpose? If were smart enough to stay alive this far id like to think most of us would be smart enough to disappear before they get to us. I know itd be an unbelievable waste of time and manpower for them to come and find little old me. Especially when i wont make it easy. I have 1 vehicle im holding onto that has no tracking devices in it and id ditch all eletronics. Where im going drones or any ariel vehicle with FLIR would have a real hard time seeing me. They would have to go back to bloodhounds and search party…doubt they would do all that on my account. Not to mention id enjoy it. Id rather spend the remainder of my days listening to the birds and the breeze than being constantly battered by propaganda, motorcycles screaming around. People drama in every language. TV and radio brain wash. Chainsaws, the list is endless.

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a massive sacrifice to satan? billions already signed their soul over to him when they took the lethal injection. one of my dreams were the military killing us so maybe they can control the vaccinated. Why are they naming the variants after our brain waves?


Notice the 3 6’s in it, 2020/060606


You would think they would name these to NOT fit such a profile. And yet, the nomenclature of the naming of these things is right there, out in the open. Made to make us loo crazy for even bringing it up.

The video above, for example, is very telling, but most people would shrug it off and say Greek was picked and that it is coincidence that brainwaves match the names of the variants.

At least those that can see shall see.

Chainsaws? Yes I do read everything. LOL

Those that don’t take the shot i better hope you all are self sufficient because none of us will be able to purchase food and water very soon without the bs vaccine.

I dont know but I am starting to have a bad feeling about things. I am going to get some go bags ready with all my protection goods and food goods, I do have some places to go in case I have to take off and fend for myself and my family.

I meant the noise of them. Nothing like being woken up at the azz crack of dawn by someone using one :angry:

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That’s exactly where the line gets drawn QE. Hope we never see that day.

here’s a quick litmus test, have you watched msm tv/news in the past 10 years?
Yes: not so smart
No: very smart

take 9/11 or how they love to use the term “conspiracy theory”, reason enough to shut that bull caca off a loooong time ago!

A slow, painful death of ignorance or rounded up and hospitalised if we speak the truth they’re afraid of.

That’s straight up the problem and reaction since the species learnt how to write for themselves. There was history before literation and it’s probably the solution. :thinking: