Whats going on? More BS in Canada

The guy asks a straight forward question, gets gobbledegook for a answer, and then gets told to stop on his supplementary question…


Very interesting story. The speaker seemed to end the question right after specifics were asked, such as, location of these camps and who these camps are for.

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This is beyond horrifying…

Very interesting and dark times ahead! A little look at what the future has in store. Good post, I just hope the world wakes up quickly to the plandemic unfolding before their eyes.

Flabbergasted I am

and I have some links here too…
I totally admire Mr. Pierre Polievre

And let’s not forget, online, as soon as he asked questions against the liberals… demanding an answer, and him being expelled from the ‘online whatever’… and the speaker in charge would not listen, this man was up there and took control… they immediately muted, blacked out, and chided…
What has happened folks? Whet the fuck happened…?

guess what, I cannot even find anymore, that used to be up for days and days, about the online ‘debate’ that muted everything from Mr. Piollievre.

There is no COVID-21. This is beyond stupid.

Welcome to the nwo.
Some of us knew this was coming.
Its no surprise to me.
This is the agenda 21.2030 lockdown no travel no private property no cash no nothing slaves.
Thanks to ww globalization deception thats coming then mark of beast stage 2 implementation.
Just pray to JC and GOD best we all can do ok.
Nothing more to say sorry.

Wtf is going on in Canada ?? This is VERY concerning it’s the first I heard of this , he totally disregarded the question !

I know there is a FEMA camp on the NB border .and to on the back of some road signs ( I think it’s the park signs ) there are stickers that direct you to the camps , they’re very sneaky .

:pray: :beers:

So you agree with the notes yet call them bs, just wait until 2021. Truthfully I’m hoping it is complete bs.

I agree with what notes?


Thanks for adding,
Its all downhill without brakes

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The one in the pictures I posted that brought up covid-21 that you replied to, or maybe you called something bs because you didn’t fully read what was stated.

I saw the claim in that conveniently untraceable text which claimed that it came out of the PM’s office, mentioning COVID-21, which doesn’t exist except in movies I guess and concluded that the PM’s office wouldn’t be so stupid as to release such bollocks. No source, no believability.

He said by February 2021
they will start calling
the 3rd and Final Lockdown will be called “COVID 21”

guns and fastcars

“…and/or co-infection with secondary virus ( referred to as COVID-21 )…”
“Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths…”

That is not referencing a lockdown, it is referencing a made-up term for a nonexistent virus.

It will be 100%
True/Fact by February 2021

guns and fastcars