What's happening to us?

Being right is more important than being a loving, caring human being. We tend to waste our precious time on resentment and hatred! We are overwhelmed far too often by life’s frustrations, far too rarely by its magnificence. We tend to remember our own virtues and other people’s faults while overlooking our own weaknesses and other people’s good points. Some of us have truly taken flight from reason. We need to objectively explore the weaknesses in our own thinking and to challenge the self-deception that is undermining our effectiveness in our lives. Most of us tend to lose our focus in life because we’re perpetually worried about so many negative possibilities; the ramifications of failing. Rather than focusing on our goals, we are distracted by our worries and fears. We are often afraid to do things we’re sure we’ll do them well, therefore we don’t do anything! Mental luggage weighs us down. Have we forgotten that everything is temporary; thoughts, people, problems, etc. Nothing is permanent!
Jesus said that “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” Life is too short, live for today, for we are not promised tomorrow. Life is very precious and we have so little time to embrace all of God’s wonder. If we keep doing what we’re always doing, we will keep getting what we’re always getting. Life is too short to be unhappy. Some day we’ll just be a memory to someone. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” PHILIPPIANS 4:13. God bless us all!


One of the best written “self-notes”. Well said

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I have every expectation of being resentful for a while

There is a ocupation and a war going on

While it is good to have compassion during war , it opens you up to war damage


I think that one’s life is the most precious thing, the one possession we have that is most certainly taken for granted by ourselves. If we really acknowledged that our time here is finite, how different might we act towards ourselves and towards others?

Spot on, mate.


Yes, but if it ultimately destroys your life from within, they won already. Jab or not.


Fwiw Christianity came after the weighing of the heart ceremony as the ten commandments. The book of life after the book of the dead…
Not wanting to start a fight just stating a fact.
Ancient hieroglyphs and petroglyphs point to immortality and life after death.
The letter H, the eighth in the English Alpha Bet as also symbolised

Speak for yourself. I was once told to ‘own the statement’ with I instead of other personal pronouns to prove a point and very empowering, albeit open to criticism but I am my own worst critic so no worries. :v: :peace_symbol: :yin_yang:


Thank you and God bless you.

The epesish or jesus fish was used by early christians to identify them selves they take 2 rings make infinity symbol to hide from catholic church who would have killed them like divici last supper asencention thru baptism they baptised by laying hands on head jhons hands down six feet up jesus’s up plato’s busy used has simon who came up with idea of the soul he used a girl Im town for james i loved his heated floor in his work shop if you take all names of apostles reverse them in order of how they sit it spells ansenion in latin we got to stay positive worry doubt is the work of satan

All they have won is the taste of my meat in there mouth


I want to take you serious but your profile pic keeps knocking the serious factor down a couple of notches. Nothing against you…it is just kinda silly. Anyways…nice soapbox speech/sermon…and thanks for the chuckle with the profile pic.


Thanks for the message @rjrrjr.45

Im a firm believer in Jesus teachings gospels etc & philosophies in life,
lately i have been trying to implement the notion of loving those that hurt or wish me harm turning the other cheek when confronted with hate or anger or the like,
from strangers or family even.
“love thy neighbour” “Love thine enemies”

These are very heady complex and very hard to put into practice philosophies in life yes, but they are also simple and true, in my humbled opinion, they stop re occuring hatred in humanity, they end it, disarm it if i may?
rather then promulgating it further yes.

Even if it could cost one there life, id rather die living in Jesus ideologies
then live dying in Jesus philophies and ideologies.

This is a very very hard concept to realise in ones life, its very easy to snap and bite back react respond badly agrily when provoked especially when you feel you have done no wrong by the provocatuer against you too.

But alas i am trying very hard to not just intellectualise nor reason about this lov thy neighbour concept but to put it into real practice in life yes.

So far so good, boy its a tough one though, when we are arbitrarily wronged by some stranger or someone known to us,
'its so easy to justify hate and revenge upon the persons inflicting this upon us i understand.

However, i am doing my very best to turn the other cheek, self evaluate my own reactions emotions feelings and the like,
introspect and really look hard at my own failings and try to fix them honestly with sincerity and respond with prayer kindness non violent non agressive attitudes to provocations put upon me lately here and there in life, i back down too and pacify if possible, own our own shortcomings, that sort of attitude etc,

when i truly know i have done no wrong to any of those what did that kind of hate anger agression etc
being put upon me see/

I hope this makes sense to some here its good psychology to defuse anger theres way too much in our world already i believe,
i want peace not hate, i bet you all really do to in your hearts aye,

thanks from me always.