Whats in the vaccines? Why do they want that sh*t in our bodies?

Almost all world leaders propose vaxxination…

some that didnt are dead right now… nothing to see here… just coincidence…

many scientists say that vaxxination DURING a pandemic will make things worse… but noone cares…

so whut is in there that they want it so badly in our bodies??


this is 10 yrs old…

way before the ‘pandemix’…


Herse the top 4 Moderna Astra Zeneca Pfizer and j&j my open and honest response is research each and every ingredient and then ask is it safe

there not in order but this information is available online to clarify that this data is real and true


Hey teloc how are you buddy?
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All good… long time…
just checking if this site is any good again…
cheers bro!

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I remember L6 you guys were beleivers i wasnt then. Am now.
I used to give you heaps sometimes i apologise for that i was very ignorant at the time brother.
Really cool to see you drop in after what so many years.
Hope your really good.
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Hey Teloc…hope you and you brother are doing good…
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oh yea I love some anti-freeze to shoot up :rofl:

hey zeg… thx… feels kinda good to be back…

one thing that was claimed to be a conspiracy theory in the beginning of the china-bug crisis is now a fact:

the vaccination passport… the mark of the beast…

im not able to get on this site… seems blocked… can anyone of you go there?

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