What's Really Going on This Year? Jeremy Elliott

Jeremy Elliott gives his five minutes on whats really going on.

Will make you go, “holy śhit” at least four times or your money back.

Must listen!


Now, if you could only get this out to the world and they would have an open mind to it…
The part about abortion and what’s going now was an excellent observation. Although I didn’t say, “Holy chit!” I did say, “Damn straight!”
Good post!


Yeah I really liked the point about social distancing for calibrating the facial recognition cameras. Masks are for calibrating partial face recognition.

Is that Roman Reigns?

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I did a Google search. It does look like him.

Roman’s real name is Leati Joseph Anoaʻi

Multi Layered Agenda…

It’s Ungodly

And Easier For

The 5G Tracker to Target

It’s Dehumanizing

Lowers Immunity

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No sound for me. :weary: Edit: Worked when I reloaded post. Good stuff and don’t see anything wrong with anything he said. We are the pawns as I’ve said for years.

Until pawns unite, they are simply that. A pawn with no purpose other than sacrifice or the occasional miracle of knocking off a piece that matters.

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Sometimes the answers are the ones that just make sense.

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