Whats up with this Lincoln Project?

whats up with this lincoln project? the group of 7 men and 1 lady, i think in NJ, it seems to me like Trump haters and should be shut down, schmidt the leader was on 60 minutes last sunday and said they raised 60 million dollars and are doing everything to get trump out of office including many commercials slamming the president. trump did hear of them and called them LOSERS which They are, THIS is NOT RIGHT, i can’t believe this is really happening, from day one many evil people, this group and the media virus criticize every word or action TRUMP says or does, LET him do his job what he is making america GREAT again after the severe damage from clinton,busch, obozo, biden,pelosi,schumer,schiff…Hopefully TRUMP drains the swamp and they all are gone in 2021 TRUMP 2020

They are simply establishment hacks that have sold their souls to be a part of the cool libs club.

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