What's your Paranormal or High Strangeness story?

What’s your Paranormal or High Strangeness story?

I’ve had quite a few experiences from ghosts to UFOs so I believe they are somehow part of the same mechanism. Because of the questions I had to ask myself concerning this incident, this is my most bizarre instance of HIGH strangeness. Of course I’m sure there’ll be those that just can not believe this, and it’s expected, but it’s still 100% true and the only person that really needs to understand that is me.

This took place in my mid 20s. I was a freelance designer working from home. This particular day I was sitting on a couch in the living room reading a book. The time was around 11 a.m., shortly before lunch.

I had all the lights off as usual because I only like natural light unless necessary. We had skylights in a vaulted ceiling so I could look up at the sky.

So as I’m reading this inner voice, my own voice, said in my head “Go outside and look up”. It was a loud forceful sort of prodding from my own inner chatter but I ignored it. The voice said it again. This is not audible, it was nothing more than hearing my own voice in my own head say “Go outside and look up”. Again, I denied it. It just kept happening. I was convinced this had something to do with O.C.D. tendencies and continued to deny the voice, but it persisted until it about drove me nuts, I had already stopped reading and fighting going outside to look up was all I could concentrate on…battling that damn voice, my own voice, in my head.

So in an attempt to break the cycle I decided I would step out on the back porch and look at the sky. Once nothing happened I would somehow be able to never give credence to that inner chatter again.

Well, all I can say is the matrix gave me a glimpse on the outside that day. Everything that I knew about the “real” world was ripped out from under my feet like a rug.

It was a bright Carolina blue sky with some clouds. Very high up in 2 positions far apart from each other I saw 2 metallic objects. I could not make out a form because they were so high, but they definately reflected light and to me they appeared like 2 BBs. These “BBs” came together moving in the same direction, making a V shape where they converged, then they shot off and disappeared across the horizon flying parrelel with each other. Sort of making this shape:


If that wasn’t strange enough, I realized the events leading up to the sighting were even stranger. There are only 2 possibilities that I can think of and both are equally as bizarre:

  1. These things knew who I was, where I was and how to transmit a command to me until I gave in at which point they made their manuever so that I would be a witness. I was most likely the only witness, I don’t know there may have been more, but if so this visitation was meant for me and me only, because no matter who I tell it’s going to stretch the boundaries of their belief.

  2. I knew at a deep core/spirit level that this occurance was about to unfold and my inner self was begging me to move until it moved me, in spite of me, at the EXACT time I needed to go outside to see these things fly by under intelligent control at an extremely fast speed…faster than any aircraft than I’d ever witnessed. I would imagine a human inside would have been flattened against the back wall. From one end of the sky to the other it must have been 6-7 seconds. 6-7 seconds that would solidify a belief that I would carry the rest of my life.

Anyway there ya go…I stuck my pecker out there to be stomped on but that is the honest truth…I just wish others could experience something so strange.


I was 13 going to the pool next to east lake park.
for got my shoes that day so i was jumping for yard to
yard but i had to cross the street. as soon as i got to the other side. i seen this white wisp of smoke go up
and down and then a ball of electricity one foot off the ground 3ft wide.i seen a room inside it with crystal walls and pow!! it was gone. this lady came out of her house and told me to stop trowing firecrackers in her yard.and i was like did you see that? https://goo.gl/maps/PeYRX6F9vegVsLAb9 the yard on the right.


Cool sighting mate, i had a strange one myself a few years ago, that seems a bit similar to yours.

Mine differs to yours, as it was at night and dark. It was around 1am, during a warm, clear Summer night and i was in my garden looking at the stars.

I saw a pinpoint of light moving in the sky against the star field. I assumed it was a satellite as it was moving like one, with no zipping about or anything like that, just moving in a straight line (which i thought was pretty cool to see with my naked eyes).

From my point of view, it appeared to be in orbit, coming roughly towards my direction and appeared as a bright point of light, not too dissimilar to the stars. I started looking around at other parts of the sky and looked towards the back of me, in the opposite direction to the ‘satellite’ i’d just seen.

To my surprise, there in the exact opposite direction (180 degrees) was another apparently identical looking satellite, but this one was moving in the exact opposite direction, same speed as the other one but on a path that looked like it was moving right towards the first satellite…i remember thinking that these two birds might crash into one another, then i quickly thought that was stupid, as they were probably at much different altitudes and one would go way under or way over the other…i was looking back and forth turning my head from one to the other as they continued their paths until i could see them both in view without having to turn around and back again.

Then the really weird thing happened.

They both just stopped moving. Just like that. After thinking how bloody weird that was, and quickly realising these couldn’t be conventional satellites to be able to just stop dead like that, i thought that they looked like they were kind of unsure how to proceed or something.

They must have been communicating, because at exactly the same time, they both began moving again, but instead of moving in a straight line, they both moved in a very wide semi-circle, perfectly synchronised with each other…one going to the right and one to the left. It was quite surreal to watch.

Once they reached the ‘top’ of their respective semi-circles, they each carried on in a straight line, and eventually disappeared out of my view…i’m attaching a very crude drawing of the movement so you can get a better picture of what i’m talking about.

Never forget it, it was very odd.

I have a suspicion these two objects were advanced craft of some kind, probably part of the fabled Earth protection net called ‘Solar Warden’, apart from that, i’ve no idea what they could have been or who built them.

Also have a ghost story from way back when i was about 9 years old and lost in dark woods with some friends that i’ll post later.


I won’t stomp ya man. I believe you. We might disagree on what you saw but i do believe you saw something. My answers could write a book Spock. When i get home and not talking into a phone while working i will share some


It appears that, like mine, yours may have been meant for you individually. Some sort of bizarre dance that they wanted YOU to witness. This seems to be an underlying theme in many of these experiences.

For water reason I consider myself blessed for having seen it. It created a much more robust reality paradigm for me.

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This is long so bear with me.
3 years ago wife and I went to mountains in Virginia. Resort sucked but area was beautiful. We were to check out Saturday. There was a big bbq cook out in little mountain town so we wanted to stay Saturday night. We go to town looking a room. We see a old bed and breakfast type hotel. I go inside to check it out and as soon as I walked in felt the evil. A 20s something girl behind the desk looks at me and says " hello Christian". She then proceeded to tell me this was a museum not a hotel even though the name was *******ville Hotel. She told me she was a satanic worshiper and i was not welcome. We exchanged words and i called the name if Jesus on her. We left and drove out of town and got a room. As i was inside wife was taking pics of outside. When we got to our room she reviewed the pics and a perfect picture of 3 demons appeared in the windows looking out at her. If you want the rest of the story let me know. If not i will leave it there. It was a war of supernatural powers to say the least. And you thought you laid your stuff out there huh?


OF COURSE we want the rest of the story!

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Do you still have the picture of the demons in the window?


So after we saw the pictures i read up on old hotel. Seems it was a civil war hospital during war years. A confederate general used to torture union soldiers there to get information. The faces we saw in window resembled people we saw inside but one pic was a perfect demon down to having horns. I called the city hall for more info. A lady i will not name said there is a coven of witches that run the hotel but gave private rituals there. She said she told me enough and was scared to say more. A day later i got a phone call. She said she was the high priestess and i should drop it or bad things would happen. I told her to give it her best shot. Then i get a phone call from an attorney in that city and he said they would sue me if i went public. Then the police called threatening as well. We still have the pics here at our house.


heres mine was a winters night on hill pitch black apart from super clear skys i watched a microscopic dot out in space travel across my view it stopped turned then zig zagged all the way into our atmosphere that took it a good five minutes then the light which i cannot explain how it looked apart from ive never seen a light like it came towards me and my m8s it got bigger and bigger and bigger then must have been about 1 mile from us about few hundred feet up and it just sat there for like 5 minutes was like it knew we was watching and then all of a sudden it went straight up so fast was unbelievable and when it went through our atmosphere it must have punched a hole in it because a giant ring of lightning was miles and miles wide lite up all around it and this light was dead centre then we watched it carry on the same journey same path back out into space we watched it for at least 30 minutes until the dot was small and couldnt see it anymore , it was amazing before i see this and my friends i never believed in ufo,s i always thought it was too far away stuff but obviously theres something with better technology out there amazing.


Oh please post the pics!

There does seem to be a theme that these sightings seem to be more visitations. A cosmic wink of the eye to in a bizarre way say…”we’re allowing YOU to see us”.

The pics resemble actual faces of the major, doctor and some patients. Also get this. A local paranormal group that likes to go in haunted places got my number from the lady in the town hall. He called and wanted to see the pictures and I shared on a video call. The tried to buy them from me and I did not. Later a paranormal guy from those fake ghost hunter shows called me and offered to pay us to get us to meet him at the hotel. He said they stayed a night at the hotel and saw nothing. He was kind of put off that I was not interested. He also told me that when he want there the witches that live in the old hotel let him stay in their ritual room that no one is allowed to go in when they take a tour. He said it was creepy but they saw nothing.

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Awesome story Danny…show the pics!

I have a few I’ll do.1 is quick and is along black hole worm hole theorys.4 of us in 95’ weredriving the 9 gateway to hell in still Kansas. That’s not weird part , on the way there we passed thru a town and kept heading NE. Well 45 to 60 mins later we all freaked out cause driving in a diagonal line never turning we ended up pull into the south end of that town again. After pullin over and almost fighting over whose the dumb ass or joker or idiots was we all looked at each other and got a true creepy feeling over us.a few of the people were know to mess with bad magic and not just into studying strange or weird unexplained stuff.we do not to this day know how we ended up 60 miles backwards.iknow we didnt mess up drive southeast again…was it a black hole, wormhole,or what?? I am not joking and will never go to still, kansas and its witch hanging train a cemetary.Curt Cobain did visit it and you throw any glass bottle at the building by the witch tree, if it breaks you die soon after … it broke. The Pope re routed a flight he was on around stull,ks supposed 9thgateway to hell. That part is spooky but our 60 mile reverse teleport/ wormhole detour made me quitstuding real places. I’m not gonna talk of what went on at stull cemetary. The drive was much more scarier and real. Bye dtv’ers… @kcufo1969 is Robemalldays new screen name.


If I can get my wife to get them off her computer I will do that. She took them on her phone and saved them on her old computer. This happened in 2017 so its been a bit…

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Research Civil War historical sites in Virginia that were hotels first and battlefield hospitals during the War. A little research you can get it but I was legally told to stop dropping names so I withhold that. Its in the Blue Ridge mountains in Virgina,

Okay… Hmmm… Where to begin. Ive had many experiences.

Think Ill run with the inner voice, since that part struck like a bell with me.

Friend and I were sitting in a camper I was renting at the time about 20 yrs ago now.
Late Tx summer night clear skies.

My friend looks over at me and asks…
“Does it feel strange to you? Like time is slowed or something?”

My first responce was that something was off, or different. And thats when the voice whispered in the back of my mind. The kind of voice you use to ask yourself simple tasks like
“Do I wear the blue shirt or red one?”
Except this voice was almost like a memory.
“Seek me when I am near.”
I recognized this quote from Isaiah.
Like you I ignored at dismissed it as coincidence.
“Seek me when I am near…”
The voice repeated itself mildly.
I then looked over and saw my friend reclined comfortably on the couch not paying mind to anything really.
Then abruptly he fled out my door and vomited off my porch.
Odd I thought.
So at this moment I figured…Why not.
I began to pray. Then I too got an intense wave of nausea and ran to the bathroom. This wasnt a normal sick vomit.
My mind feebly reminded me of circumstances of people that supposedly ejected foul spirits from the mouth so I ran with it. Calling Jesus to let them out! Getem out! Let me be clean!
The nausea soon passed and returned to the living room where my friend asked if I was okay?
I replied “Yes Im having a spiritual moment I think.”
He shrugged back into the couch again and I reclined my chair to continue the prayer.
Soon as I finished God of Abraham…
It was as if I had just hit the sound barrier!
Waves of chills overcame my sences.
I tried to muster the question of who was I speaking with, and before I could even complete the question in my mind…
Warp speed. Immobilised, paralysis.
The whisper came through as a voice loud as concious thought,
Then… Overwhelming the voice spoke again saying:
“Yes, this is your Christ, your lord speaking to you.”
Paralysis soon gave way to feeling my body quaking with intense energy. Culminating in two areas.
My chest, like an intense wireless lightbulb burned with a possitive feeling words cannot describe.
The back of my head, as if it were an antenea and the receptor was turned on and tuned in.
Or like an invisible far reaching tether into the cosmos.
I do not know how much time passed. And remembered very little of the conversation afterward.
What I can share is my own guilt and feeling of unworthyness began to seep in and ultimately closed the experience off.
In closing the words finished with the simple and uplifting statement:
“Count your blessings.” “We will speak again.”
Reassurring me to not judge myself.
Count the blessings meaning to not focus on my faults, rather acknowledge the good in my life.

This was not the only experience I have had, but it was definately the most profound and solidifying one for me.

I hope sharing this experience can give others confidence and hope where it may be needed.



As I said if I can get my wife to find them on her old laptop I will post them as long as the name of the place is not in the picture. I cannot remember if it is or not but they were taken from ground in front of the old hotel. I was told by legal counsel not to drop that name of the hotel.

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