When an American sees the AFL for the first time...Australian Rules Football

So there is bad news and pretty fckd shit goin on these days, so lets have some fun learning what is the AFL.
up This bloke “WildnWith Marcus” takes alook at some of the best hits and bumps.
Using your hip and shoulder to take down your opponent is a perfectly legal play, but if you make contact with your oppositions head you could be banned for a week or 4, having said that, its freaking hard to not make contact with their head when you are running flatout and jumping into your opponent.
This “hit” has been called a variety of names over the nearly 150yrs , its been called a shirt front, a hip and shoulder but is usually simply called the bump these days.
This blokes reactions to watching AFL is hilarious. the video is after these few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Next Video is another funny bloke checking out what is a AFL “Mark” , its simply catching the ball but in a spectacular way

I love this sport, its Australias Biggest sport by far, and is the toughest physical full contact ball game in the World.


And yet they still don’t know they actually do make shorts for men :rofl:…just some friendly north of the Murray banter mate…I love my league but also tip my hat to the athleticism of these guys too…for every AFL there’s probably 100 trying to take his spot…

A few boys I know went on the play state of origin and for Australia, and what people don’t see going on behind the scenes is the effort it takes, the injuries etc etc…these guys earn every cent in my book…A good career might last 15 if theyre lucky…

They liken the collisions to be similar to a car accident at 40k an hour… :beers:

Some big hits there Skip, both leagues go in hard without so much as a mouth guard.
The biggest difference is that most hits in rugby are in front or from the side, you see it commin and gives you time to brace yourself.
In AFL you get hit flatout with your arms above your head from Any Direction.
Wasnt last yr a waste of time, watching the footy with no crowd was aweful…hears to 2021 being a stella yr for both codes…■■■…3R

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I get a mental pic of a younger Rob out there roughing them all up. I like that sport and hopefully you do not have a Kaepernick kneeling over there like we have here.

God bless Rob Proud to say it at least 6 times.

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Once i got through school there was no more footy for me, i was more worried about where i were gonna sleep most nights.
Last yr was a shit season do to the covid BS, so im really hoping for a great 2021

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I hope you get it Rob and everything else in life that means something to you

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They’re both brave there mate, and your right leaguies only need to look forward, save for the odd shot from the blind side…but the AFL guys cop it 360…I’m honestly surprised that injury levels are a lot higher…

To be honest I don’t know how they got up to play without the crowds…it must’ve been weird to run out to cardboard cutouts and silence…hopefully this year it’s all back to normal, you don’t realise how much you enjoy sport until it’s not on to watch…I can walk to Win Stadium in 10 minutes so this year I’ll be making the trip for sure…I’ve watched a few games there and even a rugby World Cup game too, nothing like sinking a few beers and watching blokes built from only the best parts ripping in to each other :beers:

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Soccer, where men pretend they’re hurt.
AFL, where men pretend they’re not hurt.


Amen to that mate…concussed? I’m not concussed…I’m just having trouble remembering who I am and how I got here…there’s tough…and then these guys :beers:

Jeez dont you blokes have the blood rule…?

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We do now mate she’s all sanitised for the viewers…and a no punch rule which blows… :beers:

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Wow Rob that is awesome!.. Makes our NFL Players over here look like a bunch of sissies… I really appreciate you for sharing that… I had no idea that Aussies had their own version of football that is much rougher than anything offered here… Proud to be a friend of the 3 R Club… I may repeat it 6 more times…

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Man I missed the first half of comment, my screens fkd so scroll is my friend lol…that’s a tough gig mate, take pride in your efforts since…that’s a solid effort…I had a full knee reco at 16 and any thought of going anywhere in sports went with it…given the injuries I’ve seen, it might’ve been a blessing in disguise :beers:

You watch AFL,Rugby union or League…and you think how stupid all the pads are in NFL :joy:

Mate i remember when almost all the stadium was standinr room, no seats, and you could drink beer. blokes simply sat their cans of beer on the ground next to them.
As a 14 yr old me mates and i would push our way through the crowd looking for cans to pinch.
Ah the old days.

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King oath, was nothing better than watching the footy at the ground…just the atmosphere was worth the price of admission…and the sound of the tackles being made, you can’t get that at home…not sure about the AFL but league has turned so vanilla the last few seasons…if you had the two teams playing swap jerseys you wouldn’t notice…

Even the cricket goes off at the ground…the beer snakes, giving the pommies a tough time…we’ve got some bloody talented athletes here…we’ve also got tall poppy syndrome in spades too :beers:

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Yep footy is our biggest sport.
In a grand final we get just under 100,000 fans at the game, in the old days when there were less seating the MCG stadium held over 100,000.
AFL…the players have to be extremely fit as they run all day and they have to be able to jump high, these simple requirements keep player size down, you can be tall (tallest player is 7ft) but not too muscular, just fit hard bodies that can run leap and take a collision.
I do not watch your footy but i know your players are usually much more muscular , they dont need anywhere near the fitness of AFL cause they dont run and jump all day and there is lots of stop start during NFL.
Your guys prolly need padding and helmuts to absorb the tackles as i imagine two NFL players running full pelt into each other could be more dangerous.
But it takes real metal to play AFL fearlessly.
Unfortunately a shit load of injuries can keep players out for a full season or more.
Alot of broken noses, jaws and limbs, some players have steel plates in there face after breaking them in collisions.
If you watched the vid about the hard hits and bumps you will see at the end the bloke in yellow and brown is brutally knocked out and was taken away on a stretcher, not long after he went back and finished the game.

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You are allowed to use your opponent (or even you team mate) as a step ladder to enable you to jump fking high to mark (catch) the ball,

Moorcroft_-_2001_mark (2)


Taking a “specky” is short for spectacular mark, i only did it once and its a awesome feeling, but rarely do you land comfortably on your feet, landing flat on your back winds the fck outta ya

why does your ■■■ get blocked? just wondering