Where Do the Freemasonry Fit Into All This

This is a reply I just put in a comment but I thought it’s such a commonly talked about thing on here that I should put it as a topic.

I as well as a few others in here am a Freemasonry. I went through the York Right slightly different and very old school. I’m only 39 but I have a lot of older very well positioned friends who wanted to bring me into the fold and because of this I have benefited greatly.

I was talking with a friend of mine who is possibly one of the most decorated masons I know of. Has more aprons than clothes. It started regarding the whole supposed handshake with Pence. He currently works for the US gov. This is basically what he had to say.

(Please keep in mind his level of intelligence is quite literally off the charts and he doesn’t relate well to people.)

I don’t blame you for not being sure if its a masonic handshake because it’s not.
Not even close

These tinfoil hatters have been saying that for so long they actually believe it

These same people would tell you the Constitution was written by masons
and on that note they are 100% right
that is a provable fact.

It’s not a stretch to say that the revolutionary war which concluded in 1776 was organized, facilitated and fought by masons

It was and is a secret society and military order, with all of the security and trade craft built in from centuries of fighting against European Feudal Monarchies

These same conspiracy theorists clearly have never read the constitution, because if they had they would understand that those men who wrote it were the men fighting against the same forces of evil that are attempting to usurp that very constitution right now in this time.

and that is why we see the things inculcated in it, to safe guard our rights and freedoms

Rights and freedoms hard fought for, that thousands died for, now all being given up and given away by the sick, lame, lazy, weak and inept that they were designed to protect against these kinds of abuses

so here’s a question:

Why would the men who created that document and built a country who’s core guiding principles are based on that idea, why would they be the ones destroying it ???

The people doing this today are the same people we fought against in 1776

the framers of the constitution are the people who fought against these creatures

So what kind of a moron would think that what is going on today is a masonic conspiracy

Well, an ignorant, lazy, fool, incapable of understanding history or the founding principles of the constitution, who has allowed their opinion to be provided to them by the roman church, its proxies and the global cabal intent on finally achieving their dream of world domination

This slight of hand transference is what the Left has mastered to coerce the weak into capitulation to their narrative

More simply put, convince the weak minded that their allies are the enemy and they will defeat themselves for you

you are bearing witness to this right now

It gets ugly from here

the history these people are so ignorant of, teaches this lesson over and over

it requires the iron will of only the toughest and most determined to overcome

my fear now is that through the designed social engineering that these creatures have been using for decades to weaken and feminize society that we do not have the raw hardened material remaining in this society to resist this

but we must try

the saying

to live as upright men, to bend a knee to no one, you must be willing to die on your feet, or be doomed to live on your knees

was not some catchy phase or hashtag

it was real, it had real consequences and very soon the full force of it will be again

so mote it be


I don’t agree with all of that but…you are mostly correct :+1::v:


Can and have the Masons been corrupted ? because what’s happening can’t be stopped, if the Masons guarded against it in the past what’s gone wrong today ?


Absolutely. Masons are part of the people causing problems.

The issue is, these masons are doing it outside of masonry per say. They just happen to be well connected people by default who are taking advantage of what, and who they know.


It was not a masonic handshake at all. Masons have never been in total control of the government and sometimes had zero control. Look at some of them and see contradiction. Ben Franklin was a mason I believe. He was also a murderer and a member of the Hell Fire Club, most likely a Satanist. You see you do not have to believe in the Christian God to be a mason. You just have to believe in a god. They do not allow women, atheists of fools…sorry demi but they made the rule not me.
I would not be surprised if all this finger pointing at Masons was not a distraction. As evil as masonry can be spiritually speaking there are many things more secret and much more diabolical.
What is happening in this country is of a higher evil


I always thought Presidents who won and were Freemasons probably had help from them…google losing Presidents and you’ll find even more lost😳

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Typically just a coincidence that the freemasons are well connected or sitting in a advantageous spot.

I Think You are very Correct

So Correct that People just won’t accept the Truth and try to offer some other possible fictious theory :thinking: but so far off track they will never see it and never really be any kinda Help to Stand Up and Stop this Madness.

Ripper von Zepplin ll <


I wonder about that other club in Oregon…they seem to be even more weird :flushed:

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You couldn’t be more correct.

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Cuz We Do Know

Who Actually Pulls The Strings


Glad You Made This a Separate



Which one is that? Do you mean Northern California around Redmond?

I think so…invite only yet it cost you money to get in😳

Bohemian Grove. That is straight up homesexual ritual and child sacrifice. I do not know if it costs to get in but you must have a lot of money or in a position to wield influence like an actor or news anchor.


Thought about this point before.

Masons as a whole get lumped into it when its more their position and connections that lead to the decisions they end up making. Wrong either way you look at it but still.

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It doesn’t bode well if the people who built America are now helping to pull it down.

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You may be a good guy but masons diddent help that at all.

Masons are evil and do not self police. They hide molesters and perverts behind a veil of missplaced loyalty.

While I live and breath as a prince of the tribe of Napthali, I will oppose the occultic exploitation of the blue lodge of builders .

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For The Most Part


(See What I Did There)

For The Beast System


That’s it…thought Oregon :pensive:…it’s a considerable amount too…10-20 grand…