Where we are now, the sad truth

So I am going to break this down, try to follow along with what I say, even if it goes against your beliefs. Were going to connect the dots some.

Just as in ww2 when Hitler took power, we have a corporate takeover in America. True Fascism is here, dont think so?! Well lets take a look.

We now have almost total control by web companies. Total information suppression. They even took the President of the Unites States offline, let that sink in. Their narrative is what is law, anything that goes against it is removed. We can only hear 1 side of the story now.

You might not care this being used on Trump or Republicans, but when they are gone, and this starts getting used on you, you will think much differently.

BLM/ANTIFA are the same thing as Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Beat up and intimidate political dissidents.

Look at the characteristics of Fascism.

I joined the military young, and I studied ww2 Germany Blitzkrieg and Hitler. I see this take over unfolding almost mirror to evens that happened in ww2.

Just yesterday it seemed like the digital 'night of long knives," where political dissidents where murdered in mass. Well no one was murdered, but they been effectively shut down by social media and big corporations.

Look at what happened to Parler.com!
Trump just said he was going to make an account, and this whole site was de platformed and had all its vendors taken from them, in less then 48 hours!

This should concern you, how easy that Corporations can wipe out their competition. This means only big business will be allowed to operate.

And look at this, how to create a socialist state. Socialism is total government control, any way you look at it. People fooled with this Democratic Socialism nonsense would quickly find out they been duped as they wake up poor slaves to some corrupt leader, like we seen dozens of times in history.

But more concerning to me, is how they can just warp reality now. Because they control the information they can make millions think what ever they want.

There was obvious fraud in the election, and Trump couldnt even get a day in court on it. Dont bother arguing here, go look up the video of people scanning the same ballots over and over. What ever you believe here, once again Trump got railroaded and couldn’t even show his case.

And its not about Trump, but if they can do it to him, they can do it to anyone, that should scare you a bit at the power these people can wield even against a sitting US President!

Now look at 1/6/21 - They present this as a terrorist attack, when no one was really hurt, 1 unarmed woman was murdered by security forces(police with automatic weapons were already behind the protesters!). 3-4 people died of natural causes?! AoC came out and said “half of Congress almost died!” - the video evidence shows othewise, I would say there were a few bad apples, but nothing compared to what we saw the last 4 years with BLM/ANTIFA! - hell one time Antifa used high powered lasers on Federal Officers and that was peaceful protest!

BLM/ANTIFA were hurting cops, burning down buildings and cars, they took over blocks of cities, and it was all peaceful protests?! You can not compare what happened on 1/6 to any riot that happened, but yet look at the differences in the rhetoric.

If you are on their side, then its ok to loot, riot, burn, murder. If you are not on their side, merely congregating by these people can be seen as a terrorist attack if it fits their needs.

The problem here, what ever side you are on, with them able to lie like this, and have the MSM back them, they can frame anything anyway they want. Sure you might not care when this happens to Trump, but again when he is gone and its getting used on you, your going to be sorry.

The criminals have taken over, all you going along with this are ushering in your own demise. And it wont be pretty, these people are beyond evil, and have zero cares for humanity.

If you just let these people get away with this, and do as they please, then you are just putting yourself at the mercy of these demons.

I put this info out there for people to consider, because we are close to the point of no return.

Nazi’s burning books they dont agree with. Social media doing the same thing digitally.


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This is exactly what is happening. Anyone who has studied history, even if it’s history that has been reframed to some degree, should still be able to recognize exactly what is happening. People like twitter’s CEO aren not naive, they know exactly what they’re doing. My concern is for all the people who can’t see past the end of their nose. They are gleefully welcoming their chains w/o even realizing it. :frowning: They may say hateful things but in the end patriots are trying to defend all our rights…even theirs.