Whiny American athletes & bitter US media should learn to lose gracefully without blaming Russia

Are they WOKE as well?

I just really DGAF. (As I think most Americans don’t GAF)

Surprised they’re not blaming Trump or white people for losing…

DGAF who won either.

Olympics are boring af.

If they blaming Russians for losing, guaranteed they’re democrats.


Ethnic Russian team beats woke, diverse “American” team. This is the conversation here.


Russian athletes work their asses off to become the best, while complaining the least. Russians have a winning formula and the US has a whining formula.


When I watch sports, I care not from where someone is from or skin color.

I could give a f@#k care less.

I know people will get mad at that…some nationalists wanting an immature pissing contest maybe or maybe some racist of whatever color…but *yawn

Two words…“WHO CARES?”

If they good at what they do, they good at what they do…doesn’t make me feel any different about any country or nation.

Much like Conor Mcgregor, there is nothing special about the Irish just because he is fighting in the UFC. I like him but It’s not gonna make me obsess over Ireland. (pretty country tho) :wink:

It’s about the athlete for me,

country of origin…*buzzer NOT IMPORTANT

Religion of athlete’s choice…*buzzer NOT IMPORTANT

Color of athlete’s skin…*buzzer NOT IMPORTANT


I’d say this current group of athletes learned in sports as kids, there’s no winners and everyone gets a trophy. Well, now they’re in the real world and learning it doesn’t work that way.

I hope they brought their support stuffed animals and crying pods along for the trip. They’re nothing but a bunch of cry babies, they’re a disgrace to America, I’m glad the Russians beat them.


I feel the same way.

Buncha squealing brats gone full psycho drama queen.

Being losers provides them a crybaby crutch, next they can write the next sad chapter of their soooo sooo sad life story…

*mushy mush tears

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They have a lot of hard lessons to learn because they were brainwashed their entire life that everyone is equal and the same.

Next lesson: jobs and earning money in the real world.


In the real world, mental toughness is what will get you through hardships.


You are very right! They’re mad they didn’t get their participation trophies…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Agreed. MLK was shot for saying essentially the same thing. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

All this talk about race and identity is only meant to divide. Some buy into it because it allows them to vent their (already existing) anger. Others ignore it because it’s ridiculous.

Souls have no color or gender as they are not physical.


Wonder if the woke American team ended up sacrificing a player they shoulda kept for the sake of diversity? Like instead of getn the best of the best they ended up pulling from players simply because their race and not their performance.

Not tryn be rude or sidetrack the op, @Enik … jus wanted throw one of our true winners out there. There alota attention sent to ppl that’s undeserving such as that women’s soccer team an Rappinwoe an wanted give a chance for anyone reading to see an American Athlete. Proud of her heritage, proud of her nation, and she’s cute… The trifecta of greatness, yet she will probably see no media coverage as they’re too busy tryn get others kneeling



It’s a sad truth, and parents should begin right now to change this, as it reinforces the separation from parents when they feel betrayed by the very values they were raised with. Lesson to parents: It’s good to fail, it’s good to learn from a mistake, and it is good to feel competitive in a sport.

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That is awesome. I want America to be the top! I want American Athletes to be their best and take it home! I do! I love this country, God bless it.

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Yea I got Hmong friend an we were talkn bout the Olympics. He brought her up an mentioned how he felt like she wld be ignored since she was Asian an how the media fawns ovr the knee takers… I told him ild try getn the word out alil more :slight_smile:

Perhaps they learned to be sore losers from China.

No prizes for guessing what happens to the Chinese team for losing

yea I ws reading similar pieces about other athletes sore losing to russians and crying foul, its becoming more common now the woke brigade have thrown all sporting ethics out the window nothing is bad form if your woke…

on another note, was watching the volleyball the other night and the ROC woman were all stand out lookers I think genetically they represent :ok_hand:


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