Whistleblower David Goldberg's final words, Trump is the "King of Israel", "Project POGO," "Project Zyphr"

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We eliminate them oh wait we read the Bible we don’t have to God spites

"life is but a meme" - disclose kids

Its true,

there are jews that have plans to dominate this planet and make all non jewish slaves to the synagogue of satan it is, same as nazism and any kind of racism,
its very racist in fact, its just like white power or black power etc same thing,

like any and all races on earth there are humans infected with some kind of dna genetic viral thing, i cant say exactly what it is but i believe it came from the garden and adam and eve a hybridsation thing somehow,
and created by the satan in opposition via rebellion and was passed down throughout the ages to any and all of humanity,
all the human species are infected some worse then others in bloodlines in fact, deliberately interbred for this agenda of world dominance, in some cases etc,

but we have the means to overcome this infection of sorts, whatever it is,
it is up to each individual to overcome it and theres a book that explains exactly how,
free choice is to listen and try if you want, its open to all in fact in every nation now as foretold.

It is the way, truth & life to eternal life beyond, very few can and will though,
the pathways are wide but the gate is very small etc.

Take care from david.
I mean no preaching here, its just how i see this agenda is all, you decide what you want to believe and why, always my friends,
i urge you to listen to the vids though, thanks.


Is this guy for real? Trump to be declared “King” of Israel??

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but wow…

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Project Zyphr.

When the lights go out…be armed people…be READY.

Gonna be a little worse than toilet paper shortages.

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