Whistleblower Releases Video of Chinese Ballot Forgery Operation?

A report originally penned in Taiwan, claims a whistleblower has provided proof of Chinese ballot forgeries of American 2021 election ballots. The ballots in the video appear to be for Michigan, with Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s names appearing prominently. Also included is a conversation on acquiring said ballots.

Not sure this is accurate info. Looks like from just post election back in November. Just don’t remember seeing anyone post the video here. If it does indeed come from Taiwan, this could simply be a way for Chinese dissidents to slander the CCP. If it is true however, and taken with other pieces of info on how Dominion and its bank were compromised by China, as well as the video of Chinese embassy personnel burning documents in Texas, then it is possible that the CCP were balls deep in interfering with our elections in a way that the Russian boogiemen could only dream!


I allready believed this from before the invalid election. We wait upon God for permission
Not a second sooner.

They are good at the game of counterfeiting after 1500 years of practice …

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