Who Pressed The Great Re Set Button

Any One Whose

Not Programmed Blind

Has Seen This Coming…



Thank you Brendace!

Much Obligied!!

Great to See You Here

Yes, hope I’ll be on time to get lost in the woods, if not I’ll make myself a nuisance to them until my last breath.


I Know You Will

Dear Cat😽


You keep shining Brendace. Sending u good vibes and energy. Blessings of protection and all that good stuff.

Much love and appreciation sister.


And Back to You


It’s an interesting concept and a conspiracy theorists dream,but from what I’m seeing about the great reset,it will involve some of the richest,most powerful people in the world simply giving up their gains and privileges simply for the good of everybody else,ha,what a laugh :laughing: no way Jose!those 1%r’s control the whole pyramid structure that keeps them nicely at the top Thankyou very much with every whim catered for and all on the backs of the poorest of course but damn, this little COVID exercise ,intended or not,won’t shake that ,if anything they will just suck all the money back up to the top,like they did in 2008.
No billionaire wants all that money to just live in some underground bunker,it’s far better having slaves private jets etc just as it is.
Great reset my arse!
Nice thread though Brend :+1:t3:


Always a Pleasure Dear B!!



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Trump and Biden debates are used to bring down the nation’s morale while they implement the reset. If you know anyone on either side , also active duty military who have access to tanks, choppers, jets ,etc. Please talk to them . Let them know what the real agenda is, we all need to collectively turn our attentions to the people controlling the strings, the puppet masters. We need to take that fighting energy to them instead of fighting each other. Includes but not limited to Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Rothschilds, Morgan’s, Jesuit order, Freemasons. I think we all know what and who’s destroying this world. We need to take them down or the population will continue to be their slaves and after they’ve had full control they will freely take your kids that’s what them pedos do. It will happen if the people continue to allow it. Join me in this fight FOR HUMANITY. If we get rid of those blinding us we will realize after cleared vision that the humans regardless, of skin color or race, are the same and have a lot in common.


:beers::kissing_heart:hope alls well on the mountain babe,all fine this end except the pubs are all shut :hot_face:

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I Have Spent The Last

45 Years Plus
Doing Just That

With VERY Limited

Oh Bummer…

Yes All’s Fabo

You Did See My Mt Pic
Up The Thread?

Gotta a Fire
And a Bottle of
Dry Sherry…


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No one presses it , it’s a switch, the switch has to be pulled or thrown , no one can be found that is QUALIFIED to throw of pull the switch. WTF?

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Thanks Dave…

Stellar Observation!

Problem Reaction Solution

They ARE The Narrative

Sell Us The Warm & Fuzzies

Then WHAM…

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In a sense no one who has control is even allowed to see it. People are mad that they don’t have control over any button at all whether it’s a physical button or metaphorical one. The change is happening now and everyone , especially You, are powerless to stop it. You just go with the flow they want you to go

Yeah BUT I will NOT be going with the flow. These establishment , technocrats jerk-off can go FUCK THEMSELVES, I am a TI , so I do not accede to any of their crap , ever. Besides they are ALL being VANQUISHED ,… ENTIRELY. They are now in their DEATH THROES. People need to understand this , no one has to do accede to this , folks just have to wake-up , WE ALL HAVE FREE WILL , IT’S TIME TO EXERCISE THAT FREE WILL.

Good glad you are listening. Sometimes for others in order to wake them up you have to paint out the grim reality of things… We are constantly being bombarded with their mind altering tech/programs. Consider the ones that are really behind the scenes pushing out orders as a sort of malware. Sometimes before the slaves can react at all they first have to get mad. I’m not going to take the beatings anymore and aim attention on the ones beating humanity down

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The notice displayed was only to suggest that the “button” option is being formulated. Still in chaotic design, as always, the fkrs really haven’t got a clue what they’re up against. Consent is still required to effect.