Who Were The Star People

Basic Over View
Of Various Myth Legends
Around The World

The Star People





I have a very pertinate Pdf to accompany yhis exact topic. Will see if I can locate it. Awsome stuff.
Goes to show.
It is not entirely Demons, and negative.

Ohhh Awesome

It could be angels as well.

And that is where I began my research in scriptures.
We can agree on that one then?

Of Course…

People always assume something that is not human had to come from somewhere else… what if they were here all along? Do you think before the internet and cameras etc… if someone saw a species that was not native they would assume it was from outer space?

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That answer to me depends on ones commitment to the scripture

They reference them as star people, mostly because they seen them come from the heavens,
Not climbing down from a tall mountain or hilltop, but i do understand what your getting at👍🏻

And Then If The Earths Hollow

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@TheAlien Aliester Crowley depicted the entity he channeled “Aiwass” as what we now call a “grey alien”… yet its pretty obvious it was what people would refer to as a “demon”

Inter Dimensional POS

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I agree also why does everyone assume beings from another world are always not human?
According to Einstein and many of the world’s top scientists there are between 11 and 17 different dimensions where everything is the same but different it’s not hard to believe there is life in the universe but simply “next door” in the universe near by.

Alister Crowley was one of the most influencial worshippers of satan and practicers of the occult in history the guy litterally worshiped demons and satan. I would take what that guy said with a grain of salt but practicing the occult and satanism causes people to be a bit unhinged from the start and their handle on reality is often tenuous.


They made themselves known to the ancients because maybe the ancients could handle it better than we could today?
Maybe the ancients had their sh!+ together more than we gave them credit for. Look at us! If you were a visiting alien or angelic race would you want to visit us right now? We are at the pinnacle of spiritual bankruptcy. Void of morality and basically soulless drones. Why would any advanced beings wish to visit us?

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That’s What I’ve Said All Along

Prison Planet

Cut Off…


The report from Byrd infers that an advanced civilization has been underground for centuries.

And that when the Earth goes through her “change” they come out to assist in picking us back up, dustin us off.

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