Why are people so obsessed with American politics?

I see posts daily about american politics, even by people who dont even live in America… why is it that people are so obsessed with it? I ca not really blame it on Trump because I been on this site for 10+ years and this was happening way before Trump came around…

Is it because Hollywood is in America and people just see American politics like some sort of reality show? Is this site run by disinfo agents meant to promote division? Do people still live with the delusional that america is the center of the world at this time?


The good thing, you can mute the politics category (temporarily or forever) for yourself and here is how:


Its especially bad because its election time.


@Disclose.tv thanks I was aware of that feature. I don’t like to mute people or topics in case things get spicy. That’s what DTV is aboot I’ll say! Pip pip Cherio! Awesome feature tho :+1:

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Sure, just for those that want a little pause from the political madness or aren’t interested at all… there is an escape and it’s working beautifully.


@MrNice wait till after the election…it will be just as bad, only now the elected president will be the anti-christ and the one who didn’t win will be doing some shady business behind the scenes

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Closest thing to a 3 ring circus that requires no pay at the gate👍🏻


“obssesed with it”
there are literaly mostly political post at the mom on here . nothing else to say at the mom anyway. this is going on for a while you know that. What i dont undrstand why one topic has to be posted almost over 4 times over the page. and some feel the need to challenge it because they want end to the spook basicly. after many years its has destroyed peoples senses, so that you dont even feel like other things to talk about. basicly sick. Also whats the point even to post not politics in situations like these. its basicly only people who come here for news and stuff. Nothing else makes sense anymore basickly

Tosay “politics” doesnt effect me in europ iS quit naiv sorry.

do you know that neonazi groups spray idiotic Q graffities in my town.Marking the terretories… ohh thats the word i meantioned …naiv

Of course i reject antifa .but i have a certain anti q proud …i do have because i used to like the alternative media

It is because America’s economy and “value of the dollar” impacts every country. When America’s economy is booming most other 1st/2nd world countries economies are booming.

Obviously, there has been a huge effort to blemish America and make it look like nothing more than a bunch of greedy, fat, racist people…but the reality is that it is a melting pot of many cultures and ethnicities that have been learning the various ways to “get along with one another” even if we have wide ranges of differences.

While you won’t hear this on most news and opinion based shows, this is the reality of what America has been about…freedom, individualism, and the ability to make tweaks and adjustments to things based on who the people vote into office.

Of course, many of these concepts have been under attack for quite sometime now by the very representatives the people entrusted/elected to assure that which they find most important is protected or cultivated.

Does racism exist in America? Well, I think it exists everywhere in the world to some degree or another, but for the most part the majority of Americans don’t really care what color your skin is or what your religious beliefs are…as long as it doesn’t negatively impact their lives.

If you go to Japan you will find all sorts of fantastic people who have great family structure, a very unique culture, and who live with different metrics than someone born and raised in America might have. The male dominance culture is more prevalent in their society and they view marriage differently. You might see a 22 year old young man be “paired” with a 12 year old girl for marriage because it is more of a joining of families. They won’t get married until the young girl reaches 16-18 years of age, but the young man would still take her out on dates (with parental supervision in many instances) prior to this. There are some really intelligent and wise aspects to their society, and then there are some more “darker” elements to their society if you were to compare them to America’s "politically correct " way of life.

The biggest element of the fascination has been the mixed culture in America coupled with a few decades of movies/“Hollywood” that vined its way into other countries and created a “false narrative” to some people. However, I think the most important element has been the fact that anyone in America can create their own destiny. This is not always the same in other countries. European culture is the closest thing to American culture, and we have seen a continued increase in the fascination of what certain European countries are up to…the Royal Family always draws attention as does Australian Politics now days…with Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, and even India being in the list of “countries that people hold forms of interest in”:

  1. India
  2. Spain and Italy
  3. Australia
  4. Canada and France
  5. United Arab Emirates
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Russia
  8. Germany
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. United States of America

So, there is a whole host of reasons behind the fascination of the politics…from perception to immigration…people want to know what specific countries are up to because whether we like it or not…we all impact one another on this planet it one way or another and it is always good to know how to plan for the future by what is happening today and always comparing the today with the past to determine if there are any drastic changes.

This help?


I wrote in a different thread …
… I love US politics and I am not even American.
I don’t even know the names of politicians in my home country.

US politics are so much more interesting and fun.
US is the only country with the constitution.

If you ask me why? I don’t know, it just slowly grew on me. I as well was following US politics way before Trump, but when he came on stage, he made it a whole lot more interesting.

mk ultra. https://youtu.be/64Z1hcn5UZE

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i think we have seen enough american politics to last a lifetime.
pass the salt.

theres so much more to life than being programmed with limited perspectives created through limited perceptions. There are mind techniques to counter this and thats talking to one self and unlocking the pineal and unlocking the mysteries of the mind. This I think is the answer to mk ultra,https://archive.org/details/Hemisync

whatever happens in america affects other countries. additionally america is the hub of the satanic new world order.

Why are people so obsessed with American politics ?.. I can think of many reasons of why that is important regardless, of how it is slanted… What happens in the USA does not just effect its own citizens, it effects most of the citizenship of the free world… Many countries around the world have adopted our values and incorporated our concepts of freedoms and economic practices… Most free countries have now copied our Constitution to live by… It was USA that first created that document and the first to implement it… We have been the example for the rest of the world to follow…

Many countries owe some gratitude to the USA for support during times of war and for rebuilding projects after various devastations afterwards… Many of those countries still rely on the military might of the USA for protection of their sovereignty… Either with the arms we supply or the direct intervention by our armed forces… No sovereign Nation wants to be occupied to learn to speak German, Russian or even Mandarin with today’s currents threats… The ideas of dictatorship and Communism are not very popular around those who can still oppose it…

One of our most brilliant minds on DTV has already mentioned the USA Dollar… It is still the center piece of world economics… Allowing us to buy, sell, trade and build businesses… Allowing free commerce within our own countries but also to expand outwardly to other Nations… While other Nations have their own currencies, it is still measured against the USA Dollar… So if the USA goes into a state of depression it usually effects the world markets… Also leading to depression for the citizens in far distant lands, as well… Our friends across the pond have to be concerned about the policies that direct our commerce… A thriving economy for the USA, helps the other economies around the world… They can grow and expand as we do here…

We are concerned with our politics because it effects many of our lives on a personal level… Whether we will have a future to look forward to or not… Whether or not, our Grandchildren will have a future… Other topics on this site are very entertaining… I personally enjoy the variety of topics to entertain and explore… However, the topics concerning our health and welfare will get the most attention… While we may disagree on our views about these topics, it directly effects most of us living today… Those who are opposed to the Globalists Agendas need to take a hard look at what happens in the USA… Within our country and outside of it… As the USA is the last hold out for the freedoms that most of us take for granted… If we fall, the easier countries will fall too… Just like dominoes…


I have no answer to your question. What i do know. Is i was never involved in nor could care much about politics until 2015 i was 35 yo. Now at 40 and for the past 4 years i been immersing myself with it and i found all it does is make me angry. Watching the news my blood pressure goes up. I chew my nails right off. I was happier and i feel i was a better person before i started paying attention to it. Im slowly starting to distance myself from it once again. Its going to be a long process because it seems to rear its ugly head everywhere u turn. Like denzel Washington said “if you dont read the news, your uninformed…if you read the news, your misinformed”. I welcome being ignorant to politics again someday. The world will continue to spin, the sun will come up tomorrow. And like politics there really isnt anything you can do about it so why bother getting upset over it. What ever is going to happen, is going to happen. They brainwash all of us into thinking we can make a difference…making people oppose eachother. Were all on the same train and its going where ever it wants weather we want to or not. So i try n stick my head out the window and pay more attention to the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. That might not be the answer for everyone but it seems to make me a happier person.

Only snowflakes cry about debate. Freedom of speach is mot something to be policed.

The difference is most Americans think the world is America, could not find the UK on map.
The rest of the world could and have the inteligence to know we are all in this together.

Not to mention the obvious America is the superpower so most people are interested.

Simple answer … whatever happens in USA filters all over the world. So i affects us all in a way!!! … :beers:

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i think its because hollyweird has infiltrated everything the world sees about usa.
it looks like a giant muppet show made to entertain the masses.
i am more and more apolitical. the system is a failure and the economy is less important than we tend to think.
my life is now about trying to exit the system and follow a very old system where humans take responsibility for their own existence.
wouldnt it be a great world if humans took the blame for everything happening to them and tried to do something about it instead of blaming the system for their problems.
humankind should never have built cities. cities are like a cancer on our beautiful planet.
cities cant feed themselves therefore requiring all rural resources to attempt to sustain life whilst putting nothing back into nature.
cities are our biggest mistake, cities are “mans sin”.
we moved away from nature therefore away from god, this to me is the fall of man.
and then he began to till the earth.