Why can't Californians open carry

Now you could blame Republicans
You could blame Black Panthers

But as I see it the unregulated police corruption benefited the police.

In this case, the Black Panthers were acting within their rights, And those rights are not granted by the constitution but by God. The constitution specifically limited the Californian from outlawing the ban on carrying guns to watch over color of law violations.


How about in todays world? Is the black panther party adhering to the second amendment when they have a firearm in hand promising to kill whitey?


Fact: Black panthers are an endangered species headed towards extinction… :flushed:

They’re actually leapards so don’t really exist to begin with :flushed:

in sanfrancisco they are on their own, in the high desert i need my right to carry

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Need because of the keeping of a well regulated militia or because of perceived tyranny? If they were simply adhering to the second amendment nobody without ill intent would have a need based on their exercising of a right whether in the high desert or the urban jungle.

Mason on TikTok has a very selective, cherry picked, recollection of history. While he portrays conservatives as the evil villains, the reason for open carry laws and overall suppression of the black community. He overlooks the fact that the entirety of the left is completely opposed to judge Benitez striking down the 32 year assault weapons ban in CA.

Another thing not mentioned is the outpouring of weapons from CA (and the US in general) to Mexico by our own government bodies (think fast and furious-Holder/Obama). This is the relationship between the US and MX. Drugs and criminals go north, money and weapons go south.

Maria Van Zeller has spoken on record several times about LA PD’s involvement in selling confiscated firearms to cartel assets knowing they’re to be transported to Mexico. Conveniently, the clip I’m looking has been scrubbed but I’ll find it.

I support everyone’s right to carry, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or state. Given our trajectory in this country, the 2A is more important than ever.


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I’m on your team

But I have to listen to these progressive Marxist because they may tell me about traitors on my team. California republicans are not what they should be

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