Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long - The Truth About Hair

In a story, you’ve probably never even heard of. This story takes you in-depth with the relation of hair and long brown hair and the ability to “sense” things when this hair on the head and facial hair is grown out, especially in men. The story goes along like this:

A woman who was married to a psychologist had learned of an incident during the war that had some significance in the dealings of a man and his hair and this ability to “sense” danger and movements around him because of the growth of his hair. It was stated in various files, that from this time of war, many Indian culture men were being brought to the military to be of use to them. These Indian soldiers had a strength of great tactical moves and the ability to “sense” things around them. When these soldiers were implemented into the army, they were given regulation haircuts to conform with the military observance of code. What was later found out was that these men soldiers had lost their abilities after receiving these various haircuts.

The military brass had great confidence in these soldiers as they were tested in the field numerous times and had excelled greatly at their tasks. When given said haircuts, and shortened lengths to their hair, their abilities are but completely demolished. The military didn’t know the approach to take, and then had researched these soldiers and their culture, and had come to an unlikely theory that their hair lengths might be giving them a “sensory” power that the military found useful. The tests were set as Indian soldiers who had their hair grown out were also brought in to go against those soldiers who had received the haircuts and had shortened hair. The results were as expected with the long hair soldiers outperforming the short hair soldiers greatly. The result came as the military brass resumed the length of these soldiers’ hair to be grown out accordingly. Does that kinda go into the Biblical story of a man named Sampson (you might have heard of this story)? Sampson was a Godly man who seems to have super human strength, and he would attribute this power to the fact he has long hair.

The story goes on to state that Sampson met a woman named Delilah who would eventually betray Sampson, and cause him to have his hair removed (she tricked him into stating why he had his power. Sampson told Delilah that his hair gave him this power). She tricked him and had his haircut by men. Sampson was taken into captivity and made a slave as a result of him telling her this. What’s interesting is this story had been recorded already in the Bible. Seems strange to write a story like this? It’s there in the Bible.


The story is there in the Bible but you have to analyze it a little deeper. His power was not in his hair. The hair was his outward expression of his obedience to Gods commands. God told Sampson not to cut his hair. If the hair was the power how would they have been able to cut it?

Here is the rest of the story. When he allowed the slut to cut his hair he lost his power. He was taken prison by the evil people she came from which were basically ancient devil worshipers. They gouged out his eyes. He was made a public spectacle by being chained blind to the pillars in the pagan temple. He prayed to God to forgive him for disobeying and asked God to grant his power back one more time to defeat the enemies of God. It happened and they died.
This shows that God will forgive and restore us, but we still have the ramifications of our actions to deal with afterwards.

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Amen…So Be It

That is why women have more feelings then men. Stereo typically speaking

The longer the hair the more sensitive you are. I can attest to this. Up until the summer I had hair that went halfway down my back along with a beard. You could say that I looked either;

  • Looked like a Biker :motorcycle:
  • Looked Homeless :houses:
    - I’ve got stories for both.

However, with long hair comes great responsibility and with that I gained a greater respect for women and ALL the Bullshit that they have to go through to maintain their long hair. I bow to you for that. :slight_smile:

I also learned how much of an insulator it is in the winter time.

It is written that a womans long hair is her glory. My wife has hair all the way down her back and the first time I saw her that was what caught my eye.

Buddhist monks are very spiritual and they shave their heads to help them focus their attention towards enlightenment and not vain actions of the distracted soul:

According to stories/texts of the original Bhudda, he had shaved his head to begin his path to enlightenment.

In the end, hair is actually the opposite of a conductor…hair is more of an insulator than a conductor and as such would more “shield” the mind from electromagnetic waves than be used as an “antenna”.

Harvesting electricity from human hair

However, hair can create static electricity and can become “conductive generators” when absorbing water at temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius. So, there very well could be certain aspects to long hair that allowed certain indigenous people of humid regions, that fits within the given temperature ranges, to receive or detect things more frequently with long hair than without.

In the end, I personally believe it all has to do with your mind…not your physical brain…but the actual state of your mind and where you believe your power resides. If you think your power resides in your hair and are stripped of your hair…then you will believe your “power has been taken from you”…if you believe you are nothing more than “light energy” and that your very essence is your power…then unless someone can figure out how to take that away from you…you will always be “empowered”.

No matter what race or religion, you are the ultimate judge when it comes to your perception of “what brings you power and enlightenment”.


I will be good then because my power does not come from me or any other human on this planet.

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Remember though back then the soldiers were also grounded as their boots had leather soles.

I believe the hair made them more sensitive to their surroundings. Just like a woman is more sensitive to their surroundings.

I will argue

In the end, hair is actually the opposite of a conductor…hair is more of an insulator than a conductor and as such would more “shield” the mind from electromagnetic waves than be used as an “antenna”.

Not if the hair is tied into the central nervous system. Then it would act as an antenna that would be able to pick up disturbances in the surroundings. Just like the long haired Indian scouts were able to do.
When their hair was cut and their boots got rubber soles it made for harder tracking.

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