Why is everything here a post of a post of a post

Garbage all posts are garbage. Is anyone actually awake. Does anyone actually want to talk. If so. I’m game.


What’s up? Yea I’ve noticed that most posts on here are trash… it’s still fun though… what are your thoughts on human hybrids? Aliens? Strange things? Paranormal? :peace_symbol:

What do you feel like talking about?

Yea, I am not about this new DTV life… Too political. I wish more aliens and ufos lol


New disclose is old disclose.

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Nah, not really… :rofl:

Apparently I can’t spell

We had a lot of spam back then with haters. People hacked DTV and took it down multiple times… I mean, it was very lively and the conspiracy theorists were plenty… At that time, we just had better alien and ufo discussions and more of them than political… It was more interesting than it is now. By far!


I agree with you ,way too political and no aliens no ufos maybe a couple ufo things that’s already been blasted across the net for some time now but definitely never see anything g ING alien related anymore DTV needs to find its roots again n go that direction


Yea, I am hoping my presence helps influence it back to that direction. I am going to start digging up stuff soon on my own, once I know who has covered what already. I don’t want to duplicate anyone’s posts!


Is it maybe a bit of saturation on some topics?

There has already been so much discussed and displayed over the years it can be difficult to find new footage that is worth posting.

I come across things here and there but never really anything that I would consider worthy to post for topics like UFO’s etc.

And reposting older material, whilst it may get some new attention, there are many who have already been through the mill with it – not suggesting I have but there are many here who have.

I dunno … I know what your saying though and I am here too for anything on the unknown that is thought provoking.

Plus, I think with the current climate its hard to ignore whats going on and it is a hotly debated topic so its not surprising we get a lot of political or health related subjects at present.

Peaks & Troughs I think … :thinking: … hope :grin:



Gidday mate feel free to get chatting theres many great clever wise and well learned and researched folks here on dtv at any given time that would love to engage in almost any topic you like im certain,
so long as its not against the t.o.s lololol.

Which im sure it wont be, i know some topics get repeated its usually by mistake only and mods will deal with it when it comes to our attention hey.

You sure youve been browsing enough topics/posts to find what your looking for,?
i wouldnt call posts topics or the great crew here garbage at all aye,

personally i think its a bloody fantastic place the very best on the net for talking about all current political religious ufos aliens nasa flat earth propaganda left wing right wing up down backwards forwards take your pick its endless,

if you have a specific want to learn discuss teach then feel free to create a topic of your choice so long as its within the t.o.s we all signed up agreed upon which are most reasonable my friend.

This website works from user input/output so we are the community we make dtv great again hehe, by what we choose to talk or not, its up to US brother.
Take care and enjoy and create too if that behooves you.
Kind regards david.
Here if you ever need me.


Hey PL please create some ufo,s aliens whatever topics for us to engage in would you,
anything that takes your fancy im certain many here would like to engage too on those particular topics
of aliens and ufo,s there lots happening even in ms media these days so feel free to create your very own topic if it behooves you,
you have my full support and welcome back too btw old friend i remember you from a while ago too hehe hope your well and lifes good for you.
:grinning: :pray: :+1:


the political came and went , it served it purpose for that disclose
we are missing people who have that bend because they are rough around the edges
take Shroom , yeah abrasive and vulgar but not stupid. ran Zorgy off with flat earthing and fake moon landing stuff. he could only stand so much of what he thinks is bs

We change with the season to chase real facts and not cgi bull
that is the most notible diffrence is the lack of power the CGI fraudsters have here
everyone picks fake disclosure to bits.

end the end that is one of the reasons this is great because we dont care what the subject matter is , what can we see to skim out of the puddle the dross of contamination. to give us a metal we can pour ,beat and refine to make tools to understand a complex world.

The problem with half of ufo information is it is obviously drivle
the other half is facinating . that ufo information is religiously read and identified
with new eyes and new tools to detect fraud and to contemplate that which stumps our knowledge


Yes, I do remember you! It is nice to see you again too! I definitely will post some ufo/alien stuff very soon. It is a really interesting topic to me, and I tend to lean that direction for a lot of things.


Thanks for sharing your view. I understand that we are going to talk about current events and topics, but sometimes it is nice to explore other ideas outside of that. That is all I am saying! However, I do agree with you about it changes season to season, etc.


See i cant put it better myself Othelzer knows,
not a lot gets by the crew on dtv aye,
and you and others are pivotal figures on here my old friend yes you are. :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

You are actually helping people whether you rrealise or not yes you are,
if any one single person awakens even in a slight way or fashion from what someone such as yourself has written then you sir have helped them whether you or they knows it or not.

This is a gloriously great thing in this time of masss distraction deception cgi quackery counter intel pro psyops and reverse mind control social engineering thats at a higher levels then its ever been also cencorship too dtv is one of the last bastions for freedom of opinion and thought on the net to discuss with mutual respect and civility all things pertaining to deception insurrection rebellion politics religion and come what may.

This is why i preach gratitude for everyone and for dtv itself we dont know how lucky we are my friends to have each other and this website its our secret place for eternal wisdom and friendship and mutual learning of the highest scrutinised but respectful orders yes it is.

I am right in commending you for this sometimes thankless service to the people my friend.
If even one gains a wisdom of even a fraction its all worth while brother Othel.
Respect from davo.


Everybody here has an agenda. I do to of course. However most people here has something to prove as well. I must “wake” you up to convince you that Hitler was a Trans female reptile who made love to pigs and if you don’t believe this the world is doomed!




You have a very good soul my friend,
i can tell hehe, im always here if you need anyhting anytime.
I lean that way to because just between you and me the reason i came to dtv and found this place years ago is because i was getting abducted myself see and i wanted answers because it had been happening to me since early childhood and it was starting to really scare and frazzle my brains i was so frightened to go to sleep at night cos i could not stop it,
at first i thought it was all wow theyre aliens and this is somehting amazing, but years later it felt like i was being preyed upon against my will
and nothing i did at the time could stop it, it even scared my old dog that used to sleep on my bed late at night when they would come, he would growl and wake me up sometimes he knew it was bad.

But thankfully because of dtv and the wisdom i attained right here i learned how to put a real stop to it ever since so im always very grateful to members here still and to just having a place like this to hang out with people like you hey.

Its very very cool thing to me. special really, its not facebooks or twitters its really somehting we can all learn big times from and open our eyes masively sometimes were very lucky all of us.
respect & take care from david. :+1: :grinning:
Bless you for coming back you were meant to so was i.