Why isn't anyone talking about this?

Where is Nancy Pelosi? 2nd day she has assigned this to someone else?
Isn’t anyone else curious? Concerned?


Its botox tuesday…shes got more important things to do.


Shopping for a new laptop?


House vandalized, she left on the 6th well before the breach. They went back into session with the substitute chair person. Then recessed again when the building was breached…

Certainly appears she’s in hiding.

Likely worried till they seize full control she is in danger.

Plus the laptop possibilities.
Likely will see her botox mug after or on the 20th.


Pretty sure she is focusing all of her energy on gaming the pending Trump impeachment operation.

I am sure that Pelosi will never die. That worn saddle bag drunk will be around on the judgement day holding up the judgement because she still has not died. There will be an entire universe wishing she would just drop.


Is this similar to: Where’s Waldo?
Maybe somewhere with nice beaches?


I wonder if she’s in bidens basement too…


It is curious that she was missing from Congress for the second day in a row. It’s hard to imagine that she would willingly miss her proudest moment (and favorite activity) impeaching Trump (again). It almost lends credence to the rumor that she was arrested trying to cross the border after she found out Trump got her laptop. Trump stated in a recent Parler quote that he is looking at the various sedition charges against her, whose penalties include everything from 20 years in jail to the death sentence.

Maybe she is just cowering at home eating ice cream and waiting for the 20th.


All an act

Maybe she’s hiding with hunter

Very good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hiding something, probably…

Maybe his escape submarine?

Indeed very similar to where’s Waldo.

I’ll check my trashcan when I go out for a smoke.

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Only in Q anon’s fantasy world.

correction , Nazi Pelosi

hmmm… maybe she was arrested… And didn’t an undercover guy infiltrate Antifa grab said laptop and give it to FBI?

DTV member Magus had a post yesterday, dude who goes by Merica Silver Patriot was talking about Pelosi, laptop, arrests… Everyone arrested, General MCKinley as VP… interesting

Magus asked if members could verify anything from this audio.


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I’ve also come across that video which is a bit questionable. Not sure what’s transpiring at the moment, it’s challenging determining what’s credible amidst all the conjecture. Yes, according to retired general McInerney, special operations used the Capitol storm as cover to seize the laptop which the guy posting the video confused with general McKinley.

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Update: Pelosi was not in any of my trash bins.
Though there was a hodgepodge of cheese bread and other unidentifiable bits that I had to get a independent source to verify it indeed was not her.

I will be looking under fallen tree logs, and anywhere flies are congregating.

The search continues…