Why It's So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism

This makes a lot of sense to me.

I think it’s clear having a discussion about race here touching people the wrong way.

But I’m still gonna do it.


Not at all. We just don’t care for the most part–particularly when your vehicles for discussion are well known far left propagandist rags. The left is using the plight and history of black people the same way it used the workers against the bourgeoisie of other times and places. They stoke the flames of resentment, separate individuals into categories of otherness, and practice more bigotry and racism than those they accuse. You’ll have to do much better than regurgitating leftist, race-baiting tripe if you want to have a real conversation. The author of that piece is a dumb racist c^nt.


The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragility

The popular book aims to combat racism but talks down to Black people.


Racism is not just black vs white, yet that is what it’s becoming


I don’t mind talking about race issues. The hardest part for me is discussing it with people who’s only interaction with people of other colors is through sensationalized news clips from their preferred media or network of choice. This grants them some unknown powers of knowing everything about that which they truly don’t. Either that or they become defensive as if they have something in themselves that they are forced to look at and it makes them uncomfortable.


Most of us don’t give a phuc about race. If you’re a left leaning progressive socialist who wants big government, intrusive gun laws and a nanny state…doesn’t matter what color your skin is, I don’t like you.

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what’s the point, prophecies say things will get worse, more countries will arise, many race’s have no country or boundry that represent’s it.


I asked a lot of people here if they would like to debate their logic on racism in America via live Zoom but they would rather concede their perspectives.

I really don’t think some people in here have black friends/family.

I’m willing to offer my perspective as a black man in America but they think I’m lying or trolling or they are just tired of hearing about things the dems or liberals have to say because of Q and a Movie about The eve list people in the world.



This guy nails this topic.


Because it is a one-way argument.

White people are the least numerous of all ethnic groups We should be sacrosanct and not beholden to some psyop mind fk that was contrived by insidious nation destroyers.

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i don’t really have racism in my life.
i see it as victim mentality.
you want to be a victim? go for it.
it gets old real quick.
you had a black president ffs, isnt that enough for you to see the difference between now and when racism was real?


Actually if you remember he was only black when he did something they agree with. During the times he did not they would remind you his mother was white. Down south we call that having your cake and eating it too


Reread again, many, including myself said we are sick and tired of all the whining. I love music but sometimes you get tired of the noise and just want quiet. A person with a victim mentality who gets rewarded for 24/7 butthurt will never be satisfied and never stop whining and that alone makes any valid thing they have to say ignored.


For The Record

I Am Half Cherokee

My Daughter Married
A Jamacian

So My Grands
Are Half Jamacian


But trust me Brenda, if you say something he does not like you will be 100% white in his eyes.

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Stop the bs, you haven’t even offered a perspective. Put your perspective in written words, no one need Zoom call you about shit.

Well at least one of us does have preconceived racial biases, lolz.


Rediculos statement.

Are you trying to say there is no racism?


No Worries Brah…

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