Why It's So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism

From looking at research paper that studied the genes of people from geographic locations shows that race isn’t a thing on a genetic level. You, others and I are Homo Sapiens with the only difference is phenotypes, genes that change only appearance.

With that said, people are also pretty diverse, who are you talking to? How did you come off? What was their view point?

From my stance this is another article by another white person with “white guilt” talking for black people. Also from having a Asian step mom and her side of the family experience racism after 9/11 and being physically attacked. I married a Chilean girl. I don’t have any perception of division.

With that said, talks of racism could be difficult in may reasons, being one it could come off preachy as we had made great progress from a time of extreme racisms. Could be people so uncomfortable with it and fear to engage. Maybe they just want to get on with their lives and focus what they have control over in their own. Maybe they see issues around racism that isn’t being discussed and refused to be discussed over.


“Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism”

Even the title drips with an incomplete and accusatory tone. You want to discuss racism, by all means, how about starting with what everyone believes is the actual definition of racism…? As a previous post elucidates, what people today call racism, and what racism actually is, differs by a wide margin. So, what actually is racism? Are people actually equal? Why? Most of you leftist race panderers don’t even dare take the first steps in this convo and define what it is we are talking about. What you assume to exist, others may not.


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Science has found that there is more genetic variaty withing ethnicity then between them.

In reality race is a social construct and not science.

Truth is there is only one human race, if you are scientifically minded there is only one human species.

The language here is all important.

Truth is ignorance is the fuel that ignites racial hate.


not at all ne. im saying i don’t have it in my reality.
but its a two way street, you dont have to be white to be racist man.
i get tired of victim mentality.

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I agree with you, I do not live in a racist world, you and I share the same thinking.

If you dont have to be white to be racistthen it is not true pal to say it is victim mentality.

I have seen racism with my own eyes.
It is not about the victim it is all about the offender.

To kind of summarize and as I wasn’t sure how to say this. That “white” person’s speech or rhetoric should be really important to you as it can be a foundation to improve yours and each person may have a different view to continually improve each other.

So did you take the time to understand the persons point and use it to make the best counter argument you could?

Huffington Post: ‘Could It Be Time to Deny White Men the Right to Vote?’

After extreme backlash they took the article down… but not because they disagreed only because they couldn’t ‘trace the author’…

Democrats are exactly the same as their KKK, no rights for women days, they just switched which race and gender to hate. Same playbook, different characters.

We can never have an honest debate about race when the default position is white = racist. Some how I’m am a racist because I’m white.

Grew up in So Cal where many times I was not the majority. My best friend was Asian. Had many black friends. I can honestly say I never treated anyone different based on race. However, I can’t say the same for how I was treated. Black and brown kids would call me a cracker frequently. Once I was crushing on this super cute Asian girl. I asked her out and she told me she couldn’t as her dad wouldn’t approve of the relationship as I am white. But I am the racist??

Racism exists, no question. But I don’t buy the argument that because I am white, I am automatically racist. B.S.



Welcome to the club lol… I’ve given up being active here because of the loud mouthed group thinkers here. I’ve been lurking since the inception of DTV… back when was all about conspiracy stuff, the paranormal, world history and different cultures, ufo’s… etc. This place changed a lot when Trump was elected. There’s still quite a few of cool folks in here.


My opinion is there is no excuse for racism!! You treat me with respect you get it back no matter your skin, religion ect ect!


Bullsh*t. How do you know? Is that what he’s said before, or are you stereotyping? Are you a part of the divide unknowingly with an attitude like that? This is why I give you such a hard time as a self proclaimed real man of God.

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I think that people are just full of hate in 2020.
Hate you if your rep/dem. Black/white. Rich/poor.

But it is all changing as we speak.


I can post you a video of some black Israelites going crazy.

But I can easily denounce their preachings.

The problem is all the damn excuses people in here come up with instead of just saying they don’t agree with it they defend it. :man_shrugging:t4:

Walk like a duck talk like a duck.

Not saying you because I think you get it but others are having a hard time with it.


Man I really hope so. We’re supposed to be an intelligent society. It seems often that we’re taking more steps backwards than we are forward.


This is about racism not politics.

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Let me know when ‘racism’ is no longer a political issue.

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You should never buy that argument. That’s some bs.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is speaking nonsense.

You can be white and not racist.

Spend my summers in San Diego. Mission beach. Good people everywhere. All colors shapes sizes nationalities.


Yea same here. But it’s a new day.

Pretty sure politics will fall to the back sooner than later.

2 things will happen.

Trump leaves office no problems defeated.

Or over 100,000 top influential people in America get arrested over night. All the dems celebrities And all rich ppl.

JFK Jr rises from the dead and Trump the people’s savior brings us to a new time of peace and tranquility.


“All whites are racist no matter what.” -liberals
“Only whites can be racist.” - liberals
“It’s impossible to be racist towards white people” --liberals.