Why not just kill ourselves right now?

Lots of threads on this site are dedicated to how many@#$tty things are happening behind the scenes, and in day to day, most people would agree life is just @#$%ng shitty… whats stopping you from just calling it quits? Is it just some religious @#$%? Have you convinced yourself through some philosphy that there is point to any of this? Maybe you found some drug that helps you numb out the pain?

Just curious. :thinking:

There are a lot of bad things in this world, waaaaay more than you find here. However there is just enough good to keep people going. Like chocolate (dark chocolate in my case) If I can just make it home from work I can have that tasty treat. Friends, religion, stimulating conversation, on and on. What stimulates you to continue?

I refuse to kill myself cause that would put a smile on my creepy ex-wife… and I shall have the last laugh!



I do not fear what I cannot control. I do what I can and the rest will take care of itself. What is the worst can happen…die??? I know the other side is going to be good so it is what it is.


Hey, If the “other side” is so good, why you delaying your one way cruise?

Ask yourself something. Did you decide to be born, did you pick your body to live in, your parents to be born to, did you decide what day, hour year to be born?
Since I did not author my own life nor did I breath the first breath into my body it is not my place to take my own life.

Besides that this life is not that bad. I have a good job, good family. I am not starving or homeless and I have very much to live for at the moment.

Sane people do not take their own life. Life can change in 24 hours. What is on the other side will be there when I get there when ever that might be…today or years from now.
When it is my time I will die, just like everyone else on this planet. When I do I will be ok but that decision is not mine to make.
Let alone why would I want my last memories for my family of me be one of shock, and why did he do that, what could I have done. I love my loved ones too much to do that to them


I dont know? Things get hazy for me for the first few years of my life, must be all that weed I smoke as a teenager :sleepy:

You got jokes…ok. Well I gave you my serious answer…have a great night or day or …

Only after bathing in shit one can fully admire the smell of the roses, smooth rides on predetermined tracks don’t build character, derailment does. Don’t give up this crappy race (life), Finish Line is worth it.

And I appreciate it and understand you mate, dont get offended I joke about everything because everything just seems like a big inside joke and I want in!

Err… I never had to smell shit before being able to admire the smell of a rose. And when a train crashes they dont say “Geez this train got wrecked… it must have character!” they just scrap it and bring the new one in…

Also what is the “finish line”? When you reach it your just dead so its not like you get a price x_x

Please allow me to elaborate why I think like that. I had no hearth beat for 10 minutes after drowning in a pool, I can assure you “just dead” is no way near what you will experience after you die.

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Good god oto, your either taking life too seriously, or your one of them self-righteous pampered under 30 twats who needs something new to complain about.

What Danny asked you was the most spot on answer you could have received. There are people out there who believe we do choose our parents before entering this world…FYI

Btw…it’s widely known that we are reborn after we die, so even if someone wanted to cut their life short guess what bud? They coming back regardless, just in a different form.

Now STFU and go spoke some mot

Sounds like you need to spoke some mot my friend (just for the record havent touched that stuff in over 8 years),

Widely known aka thats what you believe in so it must be rigth? Get outta here with that @#$%

Nice projection kid :rofl: :+1:

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What do you mean? Maybe you can tell me more? You havent really explained what you mean… that is if you want to talk about it.

Believers do not fear what is coming.

If fear is taking residence: pray, meditate, take comfort in knowing that destruction is only temporary.

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Don’t want to bore folks, told my story multiple times on previous dtv versions. I’ll make it short, I exited my body and could see what’s going on around me, time was not linear, I could enter every moment in the past and in the now, go backwards and forwards in time and most important of all I could feel the love of enormous proportions directed at me and “telling” me that me being there is not right… mothers love is nothing in comparison. Once revived with beating heart I could tell what 20 people at the swimming pool were doing while I was officially dead…spook the hell out of people so I stopped talking about it.


Sounds pretty awesome :slight_smile: My mother had a similar experience when she was in a coma. That still doesn’t answer my original question, if that is whats waiting at the “finish line”? Why delay it? Surely you must have a reason for that, is it just to tell others your experience?

Right question that I too realized and have misused for years after this experience, seeking death by doing risky stuff willing with my core to return to that Loving State I was in. With hind sight this all helped me find God years after this experience, you know when death gets cheated multiple times at a moment that one is sure of dying any moment. I was doing absolutely nothing to save myself, Someone else stepped in to avert my wilful death seeking deeds of an ignorant mind.

Yes, I’m here to serve others by the grace of our Lord.

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