Why was 20,000 cryptocurrency mining machines backed by mysterious backers

Does anyone have any idea. I always think this currency will have its day and then phase out. Isn’t it a bit like playing the stock market? It could be a gap filler until the RFID chip.


I agree. The days of paper money are limited.

They don’t want you and I knowing who the keepers of this crypto is obviously.

But anyways,yeah… money will be digitized in the future and paper money won’t be useable. They’ll know EVERYTHING under the table to.

Can’t imagine what this will do to the black market.

Just think,they’ll be able to track drug dealer transitions soooo easily and people who sell weed, your days of making extra cash are now on the endangered extinction list.

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Well I actually bought as a joke dogecoins for about 15 USD in December. Now I have 115 USD.
Honestly I’m confused, I was thinking I’m gonna lose it but let’s see. If I knew I’ve would bought more :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I know that saying something from the bible has the cred of Nostradamus but there is a passage in revelations saying " they will toss their gold and silver into the street" most people think that the inference is that the use of money is worthless.

Money , mechanisms of exchange are like a river that flows along from person to person on nothing but trust, trust in value trust in the stream of mass cultural hallucination. And there is nothing wrong with that, it just is.


The PTB ( the powers that be) have a agenda and that tool of money will be hamstrung to a mark of the empire of Rome, where no one can buy or sell

as these PTB continue they will choke off the black market economy, not knowing they will shoot their own self in the foot. that the working people that supports the system will be pulled
and that the globalist zealots will try and off the rest.

The Globalist think that because they want to get back to a society of slaves literally
Slavery was the most lucrative form of profiteering that the world has ever known.

That’s the Agenda 21 game plan, that’s bill gates game plan and that’s pope Ratzinger’s game plan. you don’t have to believe me you just have to keep that in mind as you wonder why the world is veering off course, then they will tell you " this is how it must be to recover"

the bible says there is a different end, but that’s for another thread, but if you want to know about money and how secure it is, there is a prediction it wont be worth enough to pay attention to. they will hammer it into the pavement of the asphalt by stepping on it .

you want wealth learn how to make bread for others, make vegetables, grow chickens and raise cattle. I have given you a Golden opportunity

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Lots of activity in Crypto. The Feds cannot stop it, and usually poorer countries are embracing it. #Bitcoin is not going anywhere but up. Ethereum is not going anywhere but UP. Chainlink is going up. Get in while you can. It’s lifechanging.

The great reset cannot stop this form of reset. The entire internet is being rebuilt.


Yes. This too. But for now, in this short window of time, get off FIAT. Like now.

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Did the pope buy the machines ??

Not quite.

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