Wild: Antifa Gets Into It With Trump Supporters In San Diego!

When will all of this violence end?

Just some food for thought.

Imagine Sleepy Joe posting an article as it is and not writing inflammatory remarks at the bottom.

So I’ve imagined it… and nothing happend.

What a great exercise that was.


Your very girly for a guy sleepy, oh silly me sign of the times of course.


Lol! Ah yes, sloppy Joe lives in his own delusional world. So Antifa is real!!!

Oh smiggly showing your age again, besides we all saw you having at it with Father Callahan.


No sense of irony with you magtards?

The video shows them for the racist cowards they are!

No one said they weren’t just unorganized. Wait are you for the racist cowards attacking this man for his shirt?

No my friend I am a builder!

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You know what?

Your right.

They for sure would be in here talking all kinds a “they were not organized talk.”

Or “come try that where I live” lol.

I’m starting to think the Trump extremists on DTV went into hiding.