Will Christians Refuse The Mark of the Beast?

If people won’t obey Jesus now. What makes them think they can refuse the mark when it comes later?

Will Christians Refuse The Mark?

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I think a lot of people will refuse it whether or not they have a faith. No one is gonna stick that shite in me.


I dont think it’ll be too long for the test to come either…it has become a cashless society and with this covid tracking thing Im hearing about?..sounds scary…

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Well, that’s a good way to think! I hope you stay with that mindset!

Yeah, we really need to start listening to Jesus and all that he taught! :slight_smile: His teachings show us exactly how to live without taking the mark! http://bit.ly/mosthatedteaching

The teachings of Jesus show us how to live without taking the mark. His teachings are in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

its not easy to have to suddenly change our ways and not be able to buy, sell or trade. It sounds to me like an extreme test of faith. To have faith like that, we should be able to walk on water too like Jesus did. Very hard thing to do If you think about it, Especially if we’ve lived the modern life for so long. It takes a very special person to be able to live like an Amish Mennonite.


There is no mark of the beast that will be recognizable. If such a thing were to occur, no one would see it coming. There would be no chance at refusal. And only if you believe in that. It isn’t just going to show up at a popup store with signs “beast marks for sale”.

Everything said to be the mark of the beast will not be the mark of the beast. The real mark will include two distinct requirement beyond a tattoo, implant or whatever.

It will require someone to acknowledge that they believe the AntiChrist is the messiah
It will require them to deny Jesus as the Messiah.

At this point people will make a decisioin to refuse and die or accept and face eternal seperation from God.

As for those that already deny. They will take the mark and lie about believing. They will not have the guts to face death and stand their ground. They talk a big walk now but they will melt like butter when they have to put up or shut up.

For them I say go ahead and take if if you arent going to accept. It means you get to live a very short time on a planet that is going to the hell worse by the hour and then face eternal damnation.

I just as soon go out the fast way and have it good after dying.

I know i will :+1:t2:

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 well, I believe that it will have to do with some kind of microchip implant in the left hand or forehead. Thats what Ive heard anyways. This chip will enable the authorities to keep track of individuals. And without it, you wont be able to buy, sell or trade like we do now. 
 What I dont understand is the thing about the number "666" which is supposed to be the "mark of the beast". 
 And you know folks...it seems like this happening is going to happen real soon. Seems like its just around the corner because of this covid thing....


One theory I heard is that the implant will somehow be Carbon based, because it has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons…

Humans are also carbon based so take that as you will.

:slight_smile: I hope we all can!

All it says is that it will be a mark in the right hand or forehead that will be used for buying and selling. It never says anything about have to be that someone is the Anit-Christ.

If you read in Revelation it says that the voices of those put to death for refusing the Mark of the Beast were crying out to Jesus for revenge.

I refer you to Revelation 18. I appreciate you bringing that up though. What we do that is directly in the Bible is that taking that mark means damnation of the soul. What else can damn a human being besides rejecting Jesus?

So do I, I should have said that myself as well :v:

I agree we are rejecting Jesus/God if we take the Mark. But, what is amazing is that people reject Jesus everyday, even professing Christians. They love to say his name, but don’t want anything to do with what he taught.

The mark you people are referring to is 666 it means the mark of imperfection we all have that mark😸

No, the mark I am referring to; is a mark that will be used for buying or selling.