Woman Mauled to death by Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

before anyone tries to Troll on me… “I KNOW THIS IS AN OLDER VIDEO”… but , its Still really Cool!, and shows us how wicked and fast nature really is… doesn’t care if we are arguing with our husbands, and decide to get out of the car , in an attempt to make our Husbands scared or regretful…Clearly ignoring signs that say Wild Tigers are wandering around our car… also this lady’s mom got mauled when she tried to get the Tiger off her daughter.

Just shows us how thick humans can be


Dag…a lion just wandering around and she gets out of car? Wtf

Don’t they have signs at animal drive through zoos in china warning all to stay in your vehicles?

Hard lesson to learn, hopefully the lesson sticks

Lmao! Payback for all the times the Chinese cut his homies nuts off for their damn pecker pills.

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There is always one that does not listen. Was she so dumb she thought the big cats were just roaming around being curious? When they are pacing and moving they are waiting for something to jump and run out of fear…she jumped out of the car and predatory instincts took over.

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I wonder how the tiger came to have a taste for human flesh. perhaps his animal feed?

We still have it in us. Lol

The Tiger fancied a Chines for supper…Therrrrrrrrrre Great.


Therrrrrrrrre :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

yeah but you know what its like when you get in a fight with a lover… you dont care you just want to freak them out, and show them how dangerous it is to fight with you because they could lose you, so you throw the Dice in hopes that your gamble will come out good… unfortunately this woman got the bad end of the gamble and got carried away by a hungry tiger…

it had a chines man earlier, but was Hungry again an Hour later.

it just seen her with her bck turned, an like a typical cat sneaked up on her.

fighting with your lover in a “deadly predator roaming zone” is NEVER a good idea.

Ya Think ?

I kinda got that to.

@brendace Thoughts :slight_smile:


Situational Awareness Much??

And about an hour later, the tiger was hungry again. sorry but…

Now thats funny…

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They go by body language and movements and an unbelievable sense of smell. She turned her back and was moving in a hurried manner. That made her prey…and the general chicken spill on her clothes did not help any either :rofl: