World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

For years, this professional website has been predicting a massive 100+ million population loss in America 2025 for years now, with no explanation.


Just like event 201, that war gamed a covid like virus pandemic that originated from china, are the SPARS 2025-2028 documents the next blue print?! Alex Jones breaks some shocking documents.


2017 John Hopkins produced a document about an outbreak called SPARS in 2025-2028. The are funded by the Gates foundation among others.

2017 Faucci said after this that there will be a surprise outbreak in Trump term

This document is shocking parallels what is going on with COVID!

They preplanned for conspiracies that would blame the vaccines, etc. Its pretty wild and scary.



Scary stuff in the SPARS 2025-2028 “scenario”.

Here is the full document:


@sia Just a quick clarification. Deagel is not predicting a 100 million loss…they’re predicting 100 million population by 2025. So, a decline of 227 million. See the highlighted population density. The red arrow merely points out that in the country specified there was either a decline or a gain in population. The subsequent number represents the actual predicted population figure. If I’m incorrect, let me know…that’s just how I’ve always read it.


Britain’s went from 66 million to 14 million.

Millions have been jabbed already.


yea and like 10 years ago that had it down to 50 million so its +50 million since then…

this site has has this decrease in 2025 population for years!

looks like pandemic 2 was planned a long time ago.


The casualties won’t start stacking up until later this year or next once they roll out the new bug. They will likely wait until they’ve made life difficult enough for unvaccinated people, causing most people to cave and take the jab to preserve their “rights”. The vaccinated people will suffer from an autoimmune response once in contact with this new strain. This will cause brain swelling and could possibly cause some people to literally go insane before they die.


or its a binary weapon, and they die when the 2nd part is released to them


So I looked up the article “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease” that Jones cites as being scientific validation for their theory. I cant comment on the validity of the content as it is way beyond my scope. But the conclusion has given me pause,

“…Many have raised the warning that the current epidemic of COVID-19 is actually the result of an bioweapons attack released in part by individuals in the United States government [10,11]. Such a theory is not far fetched given that the 2001 anthrax attack in the US originated at Fort Detrick, a US army bioweapon facility. Because the FBI’s anthrax investigation was closed against the advice of the lead FBI agent in the case, there are likely conspirators still working in the US government. In such a scenario the primary focus of stopping a bioweapons attack must be to apprehend the conspirators or the attacks will never cease. Approving a vaccine, utilizing novel RNA technology without extensive testing is extremely dangerous. The vaccine could be a bioweapon and even more dangerous than the original infection…”

I’ve read a lot of scientific journal articles and there is no way that you would make that conclusion without citing legitimate references. The two references he has attached are from papers that he wrote himself, which in most circumstances is a non issue as long as those papers have been published, but - by using them to bolster his claim of “Many have raised the warning that the current epidemic of covid-19 is actually the result of an bioweapons attack…” is deliberately misleading.

The science might check out. I dunno. but I know that no legit journal would ever publish an article whose conclusions are not backed by legit references especially when its making claims of this scale. So I’m highly critical of its validity.


If you go to the bottom of that page there’s paragraphs explaining why they think the population will drop so dramatically for western countries :+1:

On the Deagle site

What i dont understand is why these evil masterminds should tell you in advance about their plan to exterminate the planet, they can just do it without you knowing anything about it…
Good journalism would be going to those 7 researchers and doctors that compiled that paper and interview them, not speculating on a futuristic novel for as much as real as it may seems.

…shocking documents available on the John Hopkins website.

Karma, they tell us they are going to do it, so they dont get karma from doing it to us. Like the vampire that has to ask you to come in.

the documents show it was pre-planned, even down to the # hasttags used and conspiracies they would counter.

I really dont think evil people care about karma.


It’s called Revelation of the Method, newbie…


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…or its just a coincidence.
Anyway, 6-12 months and we will know, hopefully we will both be here to see if its “revelation of method” or just a simple coincidence.

I’m not vouching for any story or prediction, just relaying to you the view of the conspiracy community on why we sometimes see what looks like pre-planning, preconditioning etc. Like the many seeming allusions to 9/11 before that day… It’s ritual magic.


…or its just a coincidence.
I appreciate the info on that method thou, i didnt know about that theory but reading about it feels a bit flawed, they try to find a connection for what they think makes sense and therefore they need to find an explanation on what they are believing they are seeing.
Its an interesting theory but im a bit skeptical, like on everything else

many things you dont know or understand.

I am just telling you.

look up - Mark Passio - watch some of his stuff, he is an ex satanist, he tells you a lot of what the satanists believe.

If I may jump in here with your indulgence… I think you’re right… Evil people are not overly concerned about Karma… I think many of them like to precondition the masses for what they have planned… In an effort to gain greater acceptance as their plans roll out… Like a fulfillment of Destiny that we can not do anything about but accept it… Sometimes, they are just so arrogant that they do not care if their plans are revieled early…

Thanks for sharing, i will have a listen later today

…as you dont either.