Worst Duty Stations In The U.S. Army!

For Army Active Duty Or Army Veterans!

Have You Served At These Army Post’s?

Agree Or Disagree? What Do you Think?

I am an Army veteran. I served at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. But I was a trainee at the time going through Infantry School. As a trainee, you didn’t have a lot of time to worry about what kind of duty station it was, not like personnel stationed there as permanent party. I was there for two intense months and then off to Ft Benning, GA for Airborne School. Ft Benning was all right!

Since I live in Fort Bragg and retired from the army, I can honestly say, the worst duty station is Fort Polk. Everybody mean there and everything far away and the women are dog ugly

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I haven’t directly served in military but for the military all branches I seen some fkwd up shit on us bases feel sorry for people went thru camp lagoon but cold is worse then beat hanscom working in feet of snow so fn cold they all go skiing they wanted to send me to kodiak island I said no thank you cold still hurts but that’s nothen compared to combat I have been in gun battles anyone who does that every day or works on planes or ships to protect your freedoms willing to give there life for yours deserve the highest respect known to man people don’t understand the after math drone pilots people loading rounds may not seem like much you all owe theese people every thing because it’s a whole lot a whole lot I love every one of you an I will do what ever I can for any of you we have to fight to so there struggles are not In vain we american s owe you our lives we live in the safest country in the world thanks to them God bless you all

I think that this fugger that’s in the pic is out of uniform.

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