Worthless Gentiles, Obey!

This video illustrates the true mindset of ‘God’s Chosen People’.


Great video. The truth is plain to see when you look closely enough. David Icke has been warning us for years about the hidden intent of those hiding behind the jewish religion and its even more terryifying than people would believe. The goal of Sabbattean Frankists is one of complete global control with a very satanic agenda.

this is a great great vid the zionist are satans seed

please please please dont lump jews with zionists


Its hard not to lump them together because rest assured they will lump themselves all back to israel when they’re told to go by the zionists.

Good vid. The Jews psyoped hard yesterday. April always a heavy psyop month.

Their silent acquiescence speaks for itself, and not just the Jews either. It’s too big and evil a conspiracy, most give in. The rare few dare to speak or try to describe it in words for it is very difficult to hit that oily nail in the head.

The Moscow Holocaust memorial…

Jews visit it and take two pictures, one with a somber face and another smiling.
Why? It says Goy on the monolith behind the Hebrew monolith.

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