Would you wear a mask IF

Would you wear a mask IF,
IT was the only way to see a Loved one if they were in a hospital ICU?

The Powers That Be…let you know, the only way you are allowed in
To say your final goodbye’s,
Is to wear a mask.

Would you?


Would you die on your feet or live on your knees?

Would your loved one want you to stand or kneel?


What does that have to do with my question?

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Besides you and your loved ones defining character?

You have to dummy it down for me, i dont understand

A loved one that would want you to submit would be the very reason why you were raised to do the same.

I didnt say in my hypothetical situation, that your Loved one wants you to wear a mask.

You want to see your Loved one.

Would you or wouldnt you?

Thats the question.

Its not about government making you bend knee
Its not about your Loved one making you bend knee

Its about your WANT to say goodbye.

No, you tried to create a ‘situational ethics’ allegory in order to elicit submission from those who oppose masks… and see it for what it truly is… a symbol of defeat.


Ahhhh, ok, i see.

Sorry to make you read this then.

I do actually see that it is asking a personal , moral, ethical question now.


that is probably the only circumstance i would wear a mask for.


I see that it was too close to the heart of a question to have asked.

Hypothetical or not.

i thought it was a good question.
it made me think.

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Yes. If I had to I would. Currently I don’t. I will indoors in public areas of that is the wish of the establishment and if I want in there bad enough. There’s kneeling and there is being responsible. I had a blood infection in April and I did not need to wear a mask while in hospital. There were no visitors allowed mind you at the time but I wasn’t in there for people to visit. They tested me for covid and the result came back negative in less than 24 hours. Way back in April. Are masks really the answer? Probably not but I won’t fight anyone who requires me to have one on in their place of business. Especially small local businesses. My quarrel about a mask is not with them. But I try to support however I can. If I have to wear a mask to do it then it is a minor inconvenience for me. At my own job, I only wear a mask for maybe a total of 10 minutes a day. Only when dealing with the public. Excellent question. Those are my feelings in a nutshell. To answer the original question again, yes I would.


My mother died at 48 years old. 13 years ago. The hospital told me I had to suit up and mask up. I told them Fu€k You and walked right through them. They STFU. I spent the last few days with her with no harassment and none for my family because I stood up to them. You people are fools. Ignorance is not knowing, stupid is knowing. This psyop power grab is so blatantly in your face. WAKE UP!!!



You are asking this question to a group that includes many individuals that are highly paranoid about everything. They don’t trust experts. They don’t trust anyone that doesn’t think like them, and even then they might suspect them to be infiltrated agents of the cabal, illuminati, “others”. This are people that can be presented hard evidence of the medical realities about Covid-19 by the leading experts in the field but their cognitive dissonance won’t allow them to accept reality. So most likely, they’ll consider using a mask, in ANY situation, to be losing or kneeling to the globalists, or the illuminati, or the reptilians, or whatever. I think it’s a futile effort to try to change their minds. Personally, I come to this website to read their comments for the entertainment value. Besides, now and then an interesting post about aliens or supernatural phenomena pops up that’s worth the read. But when it comes to politics, religion, or the realities of science, specially medical science, a lot of the people here are coo-coo for cocoa puffs.


It was a simple question.
At least I THOUGHT it was

It was not intended to sway or entice to wear masks, I dont wear one, and i have a weakend immune issue.
I dont care if you dont wear one either.

I adjusted my previous text in the above replies to indicate as such, as i had time now to ponder your statement.

So I will answer my own question as well.

I would most certainly wear one if it allows me to say goodbye to some one i Love.

Sorry if you think I am eliciting for the big Government and the Health establishments.

I do not and never will.

If i have to wear one for a whatever specific period of time, to say goodbye, then i will.

Isnt this what its all about ?

You can say i am brainwashed or whatever.

You can say, they make me THINK, I have a choice to wear one in this circumstance.

But, If it means I can say goodbye, then i would.

So go ahead, call me whatever.

I got big shoulders…



I would of course and don’t mind letting them think I’m obeying ( :

I know what’s in my heart!


Sorry for your loss, and Im glad you got to see her.

But it does not change my answer.

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Hubby Was In ICU Trauma Unit
For Three Weeks

After a Nearly Fatal Fall

Masked Weren’t Required

And NO

No Way They Would Have
Kept Me Out