WTF is this?

If this is a cloud, i will eat my hat!!!

And this could be a drone, they can go fast, but i dont know how fast!..what say you people?




The first video looks like a plastic sheet being blown in the wind, Looks like it fell to the ground.

The second one is better, if it is not CGI, I have no answer as to what it is.

NFI, it’s got wheels (going fast) that’s for sure mate…hopefully someone has some software that can see what it is :beers:

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Ah, yes… the cloud. I shared this one in DTV 3.0. Theres a few possibilities here on this one. Cloaking tech on drones next generation nano bots. But recent events have led us to believe that what we are seeing on here is notch-backs

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Here is how to replicate it: 1)Wait for windy day 2)get a transparent plastic bag and let the wind currents pick it up 3) when its high enough in the air, record it with a shitty camera. 4)post it on your FB and tell ppl this is proof of aliens

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No. 1
Gotta agree wth @Star_Man.
We discussed how nanotech from chemtrails could coelesce into a small swarm.
Although…The new insights into Notchbacks and Plasimals are quite interesting and similar to this. Wish we could get better views.
I know a guy that may be able to glean more info for us.

Definatly not a “plastic bag” filled with swamp gas too I suppose?? :ox::cloud:… LOL​:rofl:

I would very much like to see slowed and enhanced, but from what I can tell, It looks like a drone but speeded up to appear as if accellerating quickly.

Good stuff Alien, thanks for the tag.
Will let ya know what I can find out.

Cheers! :sunglasses:

The first one looks like this

And the second one looks like someone having a shot at the drone.

Yes, it almost looked like foam , not plastic, sorry @Noentry and @otomon

Doesnt have to be alien, but certainly isnt plastic, if it were plastic, it have folded, unfolded unto itself, it did neither.

As for the “drone”…it could very well be one,


I dont see any 8ndication of the film being sped up, but hey, WTF do i know.

@Star_Scrier as Theodore Logan would say, that would be most excellent :+1:t2:


I have watched many drone races and never seen em move that fast, but then again, im blind lol

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Ive seen that before now I know… Haha!

Sorry Guys, I think the cloud ones are just a big sud bubble mass blowing in the air.

The second vid cued it in for me, check out the way it seperates.

Definately soapsuds.

My old neighbour had a drone…it was noisy af and he was always flying over our house…now being protective of my daughter I told him the next time I see it…I’m gonna shove it fair up his a$$ while it’s running lol…the tech advancements in this field are astounding…but I don’t know why some subsonic drone is required lol…

In the vid it looks like it passes the bridge or road or whatever that is really closely :beers:

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both cool videos, no 2 is fantastic! thanks for sharing T/A … :beers:

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All you have to do is search YT and you will see where people make and fly jet drones of all sizes and shapes. They are capable of flight at 400+ MPH

Both are really intriguing videos. There was another fast flying ball caught on hd drone video in utah if anyone feels like looking it up. Never posted a video or anything on here yet for that matter and i havent taken the time to figure out how tbh. But its a good watch if anyone is bored. The way it banks around a mountain is incredible. It moved so fast right past the drone the camera almost didnt pick it up. I believe the history channel did a show about it. They found the guy that shot the video and he let them take the original footage and ran all kinds of analysis on it and found the footage was untampered with. so what ever it was, was real. And moving at around 3500mph

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The ball caught in the utah footage was moving around 3500mph. I think is what i remember them saying. This hangover is making my memory cloudy. The analysis showed it covered 3.5 miles in 1.8 seconds. So what ever the math is on that. Jaw dropping what ever these are

That is so peculiar!
I wonder about the composition of the “cloud”
Wish samples would have been taken

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At 3500 mph the human eye cannot see it. A bullet traveling 1800 feet per second travels 108000 feet per minute. Multiply 108000 time 60 because of 60 minutes in an hour and you get 6,480,000 feet per hour and divide that by 5280 feet in a mile and you get 1227 miles per hour. The human eye cannot see a bullet nor could it see an object moving 1800 miles an hour at eye level or lower.

The first video is a cloud. That is what old people when I was a child called a wind rack. It shows high circular turbulence

Thats either one of the videos breaking down the footage…or Michel Jackson’s beat it…not sure. Tried saving the link