"Yes we want to control the world." --Jewish Rabbi

Goodness and love unless we hate you like the palestinians, christians and gentiles.


oy vey who doesn’t?

Who do you hate? All the jews or the ones in control? No different than America. Biden or his cronies are not jews. Those people in charge deal with blasphemy. The worst of the worst as for the sentence. Using God’s name in vein. The whole have nothing to do with it.

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Giving oneself a title does not mean that it is correct. Can’t believe in the devil and also be a jew.

ahem, I think you got the wrong type of vein

You do realize who Yahweh actually is right?

Vain, feel better?

in the second clip, Joe ends his statement with, for “I AM”… BLASPHMY

:joy: whatever bruh get a fucken sense of humour

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