Yonaguni and Legends of the Giants

Under Water Discoveries

And Legends of Giants



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I rate this site…it’s amazing how nature can form columns and roads and all the rest of it… :beers:

And Carve Stuff Ta Boot

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Lol…exactly… :beers:

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Ya, cant see it being “natural” at all

Sounds almost as if it could be in relation to Lemuria.


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Yes Seems Quite Possible

These rocks were to me proof of the glacial melt from the younger dryas period. I think they are 12500+ years old minimum. Naturally made by water n erosion my ass .the waters rose more than once and the last time was during Noah’s time.it was then we have what we call the modern oceanic depth…this is just my opinion on age and if they were made by a sentient being.yes and yes.but only an opinion.

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Flash Glacier Melt…

You can not get away from all these global tales of giants. The tooth of Denisovan man found in the Siberian cave was so large ,that the scientist who first analysed it, thought it was from a bear. :beers:

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Riteo Mate

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Woah, I didnt know about that one!
Thanks Punx! :sunglasses:


I cant find original article, but this one does say it was largest homo tooth found.

" The only Denisova remains discovered so far are the finger bone, two teeth and a toe bone, - so it is difficult to say exactly how this homo species looked like. But the first tooth found is the largest homo tooth ever found; it was so large that the archaeologist at first mistook it for a cave bear tooth! "

Thanx punx! :sunglasses:

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Awesome Ty…

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